DP Daily Prompt: Island Of Misfit Posts

I know this little incidence,really is a misfit  here. I cannot think of anything else,here I am once again trying to bore you with my weird story.

I was a seven year old attending a different school for the first time. Our teachers were Nuns,they believed in the saying,”Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child’.  I was in jeopardy of getting flogged. What did I do? Nothing. My classmate failed to do her homework.She asked to borrow mine.I was in a hurry,the bell was rung,I had to run for the prayer. You guessed it.I did not lend her my homework and ran for the prayer.

We were back in our classroom.The teacher asked us to bring our homework. I took out my exercise book,I looked for my work.The pages were missing. I was scared, I wanted to cry. I gathered enough strength to go up to her.I opened my book and showed her the  the space where the pages were taken out.

I related the whole story of the time before the bell.She called Naseem and asked her,she of course denied. The teacher looked at both of us,and said, “I know Chaman is telling the truth”. This was one incidence I’d rather forget!

Nazrulgeeti sung by Firoza Begum Post and translation by Ranu

You said you will come for pilgrimage with me.

You did not come,alas you did not come,

my hope drowned in

the ocean water.

If I go away,

I will always remember your words,

just to hear those words,

I may come back.

Only hope will not be enough,

I will wait in expectation,

in my hour of loneliness,

I will play the flute in memory of you.

Behold it’s my time to leave,

tell me your words will not be untrue.

At some auspicious moment,

in the twinkling of an eye,

our voice will interlock!