Nazrulgeeti sung by Firoza Begum Post and translation by Ranu

You said you will come for pilgrimage with me.

You did not come,alas you did not come,

my hope drowned in

the ocean water.

If I go away,

I will always remember your words,

just to hear those words,

I may come back.

Only hope will not be enough,

I will wait in expectation,

in my hour of loneliness,

I will play the flute in memory of you.

Behold it’s my time to leave,

tell me your words will not be untrue.

At some auspicious moment,

in the twinkling of an eye,

our voice will interlock!

12 thoughts on “Nazrulgeeti sung by Firoza Begum Post and translation by Ranu

  1. Thanks for this beautiful song which I really enjoyed, lovely voice and rendering by Firoza Begum, and such a touching poetry of Nazrul Islam, the pilgrimage was intended but what is a pilgrimage without the friend and the beloved, nothing, so the pilgrimage is put off and the lover intend to play flute in remembrance of the beloved friend, hoping that the mercurial sound of his hearts grief that resonates in the flute would reach the beloved and the real pilgrimage would take place.

    Thanks for this selection and the lovely translation.

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