Nazrul song dedicated to Tagore on his death posted and translated by Ranu

Kazi Nazrul Islam, the revolutionary Bengali M...

Kazi Nazrul Islam, the revolutionary Bengali Muslim who is now the National Poet of Bangladesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam dedicated this song on Tagore’s death.

Let the exhausted (Robi) Tagore sleep.

Do not wake him up ,

by calling him

One who provided the light,

all his life,

let him sleep.

Do not wake him up.

Do not make him cry,

by crying .

Let the exhausted Robi sleep.

Let him sleep.

12 thoughts on “Nazrul song dedicated to Tagore on his death posted and translated by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this. I like it a lot.

    The words convey a peaceful tone, and allowing Tagore to continue his journey in God.

    All good wishes,


    • Awesome comment Robert,Poet Nazrul wrote the lyrics and sang the song as well.
      There must have been a lot of emotion while singing it.There were words I could not pick out.
      It was not very clear.I am a Bengali,I shouldn’t have the problem but I did.Nazrul was a big fan of Tagore,
      it must have disturbed him.
      All the best.

  2. Listening to this song without even understanding words made this a most enriching experience. The words are so beautifully choreographed that the movement of words can be felt and seen, I am not saying imagined, it is so obviously seen that one wonders how exceptionally this is crafted. The sadness and the pathos that the poet felt is expressed in the grey and haze tones by the singers conveys that there is an irreparable loss but they want to hold their cries and tears because the love and the respect is more for that person than the personal agony which the mourners are feeling.

    You have brought up this wonderful piece which we would never have discovered.

    • Thank you very much Akhtar Bhai.I forgot to mention Nazrul Islam wrote the lyrics,and provided the music and sang the song as well.
      He was a very good singer. Despite his poverty and the loss of his father at ten,he succeeded in accomplishing everything he wanted
      to. Thanks for wanting me to write about him.I am preparing a biography of this great man,who never gave up.

  3. Lovely… Ranu. Thank you for putting this up.

    Would you have any more of Kazi Nazrul Islam’s poetry? I had come across some of his work a while ago and absolutely loved it. I believe he was called the Rebel Poet? I adored the defiance in his work.

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