Tagore Song singer- Deb Biswas posted and translated by ranu

Japanese names of parts of a musical note

Japanese names of parts of a musical note (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I eagerly listen

in my own impassable heart ,

again and again.

Someone is  crying and laughing;

I eagerly listen

to hear their secret,

again  and again.

I eagerly listen

again and again.

The wandering bumble bee  hides alone

behind the water lily.

I eagerly listen,

the bird of the night singing,

alone in the dark.

I eagerly listen

in my own impassable heart,

who it is, no one knows.

I have some idea,

some I can guess,

some I do not understand.

Sometimes the message is cloaked

in a musical note.

What can it be in my language?

I eagerly listen,

again and again!

DP Daily Prompt: Tables Turned Posted by Ranu

Tables turned is best for me when I am in control.I like being in front of the camera,rather than behind. Staying behind brings a lot of doubt in my mind.I do not feel comfortable. My worse fear is being written about.I love writing a story,a biography or a translation.It gives me the opportunity to express myself.

I am not a person who can do much, when I am written about. I dislike it. Sometimes I find people are cruel. I am more relaxed and happy when I get to write,it can be anything.

There are two kinds of criticism,one destroys a person’s confidence.The other is the one that encourages. Blogging has given me the chance to read comments of people who visit my blog.They are exceptional,they help me by their awesome comments. As yet I did not feel intimidated by any of the bloggers who visit. This is something very positive for me. They let me be in control,which is the best spot for me. I am very thankful to all those visitors on my blog.who have helped this far.