Book Review Post by Ranu

Diana, Princess of Wales: Tribute

Diana, Princess of Wales: Tribute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Untold Story” is a novel by Monica Ali.It was published by Scribner,A division of Simon & Schuster,Inc.The date of publication is June 2011.It’s a hardcover edition.

2011 was the year when Princess Diana would turn fifty,had she lived. The author has imagined a different fate for Diana in her new novel,’Untold Story’. I think the sole purpose of the author is to tell about the the life she lived as a princess . Had she lived what it would be like. Whenever an author chooses to write about a celebrity he/she puts before the reader the price the celebrities pay for fame.

This is the story of Lydia, a princess in disguise.She moves to a small community.No one knows her here.She makes a few friends.To make herself useful she takes a job at a Kensington Canine Sanctuary. The disguise doesn’t help her that much.She is spotted by Grabowski, a paparazzi who knew her when she was a princess.He photographs her whenever he can,to make a bundle of cash. She realizes she is not safe and contemplates on leaving this sanctuary.

In my opinion the author is telling her readers that a celebrity,he or she cannot live an ordinary life. There will always be people who can find find them.The author introduces Diana as an unfortunate person whose life and marriage were both fairy tale and nightmare rolled into one. She was adored by millions,she suffered rejection and betrayal by the people she thought were her own. The author says if she had lived, would she have found happiness or the curse of fame would be too great.

The author tries to tell her readers that Diana  would not be able to live a normal life.

I liked the book.It is well organized.I think this book can be read by any adult or even teenagers.The language is clear and simple.The readers will enjoy it more if they know the background of the main character in the story.

DP Daily Prompt: Singular sensation Post by Ranu

One experience or life change results from writing my blog,what will I like it to be.

When I joined the blogger’s club,I had no idea what sort of experience I will have.I wasn’t even thinking of achieving anything. I picked up a variety of topics to write about. I wrote stories,translations of poetry by Tagore,I did a few book reports. Then came the daily posts,where we are given a certain topic to write about. At the moment this is what I do daily.

Ultimately my aim is to be proficient enough to write a meaningful novel.One that readers will enjoy. I am preparing myself to be able to do it gradually.I try to read as many books as  I can. I know I can develop my own style if I put in the time to do so.

Writing is helping me. There was a time not long ago,when I was unable to think ,how I should write anything.I notice it is coming together slowly.I hope my experience of writing will help me. Right now this is what I am thinking.