Song by Dwijendralal Roy Post by Ranu

My motherland,

A place of  green fields,

full of fragrant flowers,

it is our earth.

Where can anyone find a place like it?

She is  the queen of all lands,

it  is my motherland.

Where can you see  beautiful

bright sun, moon and stars?

Delightful birds puts me to sleep with their song,

and wakes me up at daybreak.

Where can one find a

place like my motherland?

She is the queen of all lands.

Where one can find pleasing rivers,

rolling hills,the gentle wind that

stirs the grain fields as ripples of waves.

This is my motherland

she is the queen of all lands.

I want to live here forever.

This is where I was born

and I hope this is where I will take my last breath!

DP Daily Prompt: Farthest I traveled Post by Ranu

Bahrain Royal Flight 747SP climbing with landi...

Bahrain Royal Flight 747SP climbing with landing gear not yet fully retracted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Three years ago the farthest I traveled from home was Dhaka,Bangladesh. I took a flight from my home to Toronto,Canada.My next flight was Toronto to London,it took  seven and a half hours. We had to go through customs in London. From London it was back again on flight to leave for Bahrain. Our last flight was Bahrain to Dhaka.It took twenty-two and half hours in all,it was only flying time, I did not include the stops along the way.

When we landed in Dhaka,I was exhausted. I was impatient to go to my brother’s place for much needed rest.