DP Daily Prompt : Dream Home Post by Ranu

Dream Home backyard 4

Dream Home backyard 4 (Photo credit: jeweledlion)

So I have won a contest to build my “Dream Home”,here is my plan: I would like to have this home built according to my specification. It has to be a bungalow. Two storeyed is not an option. I would like to have three bedrooms.Each bedroom will have an attached bathroom. I would like a large kitchen,with a lot of cupboards for the dishes and pots and pans,also a broom closet. The kitchen should be equipped with double sink.

The living and dining room should be separate.

I would like a finished basement with a family room and a bathroom as well.This is a necessity for kids who won’t have to come up to use the bathroom.

The house should have a lawn,there should be flowers of all kinds.It will be useful to have perennials.It’s cheaper to have them instead of annuals. The garden should have automatic sprinkler system.

The driveway needs to be wide,to enable at least two cars to be parked.

This just about sums up my plan I think.If I can have a house like the one I have written,it will be superb for me.

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