Tagore Song Sung by Lopamudra translated and posted by Ranu posted by Ranu

In Bengali the word shoi means a female friend. This word is repeated several times in the song.

The poet tells his female friend,like her he also wants to talk about his inner feeling.

He says O my friend I wish to talk about my inner feeling like you.

Sitting with your feet spread out in the corner,

you talk to each other’s ear,

sometimes you cry,sometimes laugh.

I sit and watch you!

O friend O my friend,

like you I wish to express my feeling.

O friend you have your inner feeling,

where is mine?

What am I going to say about her,

which happiness or which sorrow,

I don’t have words,I have nothing to say,

still I feel the desire to talk ceaselessly.

O friend I am surprised to think,

you have so much to talk about.

I sit alone in the evening,

with eyes full of tears,

if someone asks the reason for my tears,

I stay quiet.

O friend,O my friend,

like you I wish to express my feelings!

DP Daily Prompt: Stranger in a strange land Post by Ranu

Llanberis station

Llanberis station (Photo credit: James E. Petts)

Llanberis Castle

Llanberis Castle (Photo credit: Draig)

When I am in a strange land,I am fascinated by their dress,their language and architecture. I am not fussy about their food.I only stick to the food I know. I am always concerned about different types of food. The ingredients,how it is cooked and what it is, especially when it is meat. I have no problem with any kind of fish or vegetables. I do not spend too much time thinking of  the varieties available.I am quite happy to have a burger and move on.

I love watching people wearing their traditional dress,their language and their interaction with strangers. I had a first hand experience when I went to Llanberis for teaching practice.The Welsh are a very friendly bunch of people.Sometimes we spoke to them pretty much using sign language. They do speak English, some don’t.They were the ones I had fun with. We communicated with them despite our lack of knowledge of their language. The children in school were happy to see us. We taught them English.I found them very cooperative.

We saw some old buildings there.Our two week stay there was very productive.