DP Daily Prompt: Party Animals Post by Ranu

I am not much of a party lover.I go to ones where I have no choice. Last year I went to one I did not enjoy.Everyone in that house were screaming at the top of their lungs. They were all adults.No they were sitting beside each other. Why were they so loud? I do not know. Maybe they thought it was the only occasion  they  could show how happy they were.

So from my description,I hope it is obvious I hated being there. When I came home,I  promised not to go to one  of those parties any more. I had a splitting headache. I felt I was probably deaf from all that noise. The energy I had, diminished in few minutes.It was a terrible experience.

3 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Party Animals Post by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    I too, like you, don’t really care much for parties. This should not imply that I am not social at work. I am. But for parties, I most often either don’t go, or leave early :-).

    All good wishes,


    • Yes I too like leaving early. I find some people are loud and most of the time do not make sense.
      Thank you,I try to be social also.
      All the best to you.

    • I like to listen to songs and watch people.Sometimes it can be tiresome,especially when I am bored.
      All the best and thanks for your input.

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