Lahore song from the movie posted and translated by Ranu

Food street Lahore

Food street Lahore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was a movie made about Lahore,back in 1949. I studied there for my B.ed degree. I loved the city.I had wonderful friends. When I saw this on youtube, I decided to post it.

Before playing the song,a brief introduction of the city is given. This is what he says:  I rambled a lot in the lanes of Delhi and Indore. We did not forget the lanes of Lahore.

This is Lahore, heart of Punjab. Lahore brightens our eyes, and palpitates our heart,when we think of it. Its name stirs our imagination of awesome pictures. The secret of its beauty is not the historical buildings or immaculate gardens.The citizens make it beautiful by their sheer presence.

It is a true story of a family. Real names are not used.

Now the song of the two lovers:

Let our world of love stay forever young.

I’d like to live where my sweet heart lives.

We will   live  this short life our way

and amend the path of love.

Whether we are here or not

doesn’t sadden us

we want to leave it

As a   sign of  our love in this world.

It will be sweet memories of our love,

After we are gone,

It will turn into a story

left by us  and fondly remembered

as two lovers who

remained as one soul till the end!

5 thoughts on “Lahore song from the movie posted and translated by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you very much for this. I like it a lot.

    “I’d like to live where my sweet heart lives.” How lovely…

    I would very much like to receive an invitation to visit Lahore, as it’s a home of a saint dear to me, Data Ganj Bakhsh. I could also visit Iqbal’s tomb.

    Perhaps, God willing, this may one day happen.

    All good wishes,


    • He was a very powerful saint.Some of the course attendees should extend a helping hand.What do you think?
      Lahore is a gorgeous place.Most of the people speak Punjabi.I did all right with my broken Punjabi,they knew immediately
      I wasn’t from there.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Dear Ranu,

    I suppose I’m hopeful for, and waiting upon, some kind of inward invitation/signal that it’s fitting for me to visit Lahore. God willing, if that arrives, perhaps I can then reach out to acquaintances who live there for suggestions on how to travel, where to stay, etc.

    The most recent advice that I’ve received from friends there is that it’s not safe for me to travel there at this time.

    All good wishes,


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