DP Daily Prompt: Green Eyed Monster Post by Ranu

Dear K,

How are you? I am happy to note you are doing well physically and mentally. The other day I read an article you wrote.It is an excellent one.I feel ecstatic because you are my friend.I will tell everyone I know how wonderful you are.Keep working hard, things will definitely work out for you.You are a good person.You deserve the best.

I am spending a couple of weeks in Montreal.The weather so far is very pleasant.My daughter and I love it here. Today we will go to the market for some goodies. I am not buying any desserts or anything sweet. I am checking out the sugar detox diet. It is good I think,I have not eaten anything sweet for more than six weeks. I hope I can continue.

I was supposed to be jealous of your accomplishments and be the green-eyed monster.It is not for me I cannot even pretend to be one. So I’ll always pray for you and hope your life is smooth and you are happy and healthy.

Have a great day.

Your friend,