The Daily Post: Try a new point;One topic, three takes Post by Ranu

My second daughter decided to get married.The groom and the bride were more than ready to tie the knot. It didn’t matter, what my feeling was.I suddenly remembered this is a different age,here decisions are made by the two people,at least it was in my case.

i received a formal invitation and was reminded to send a reply. My daughter called me one day and said,”Mom you have to walk me down the aisle”. This was entirely new to me. However,I agreed.

I went to Dhaka bought all the sarees she wanted me to bring. My husband and I bought  jewellery for all three. I was happy to be a part of this solemn occasion.

She decided to have two ceremonies,one wearing a sari and another one in a bridal dress. I was given the responsibility of reading a  poem by Tagore. She picked out the poem,it was translated in English. I had some family friends who came to celebrate this occasion. The morning of the wedding she called me,I waited to hear what she had in mind,instead she told me to help the groom’s mother with the sari.

When the time came for the second ceremony,I watched her walking down the aisle with a physician she met in Halifax. I stood there looking like a fool. I could not believe my daughter would insult me this way.

The dinner was served. I was seated at a different table,away from the bride and groom. At that point I lost all my feeling about everything.I just asked God,’Why was I humiliated by my daughter’, I knew the reply, ‘I guess I told myself I have done too much for her maybe this is my prize’.

It has been three years since this event took place.I did not hear from her. I am confident I never will. She’ll probably show up to know how much she’ll inherit!

9 thoughts on “The Daily Post: Try a new point;One topic, three takes Post by Ranu

    • I don’t know.I thought I did everything possible,but look what happened.She was going to run a 10 km run in London,England.She wanted me
      to go to watch her.I did that. I bought everything she wanted.I went out of my way to please her.It didn’t matter.
      Thank you Robert for your message.

  1. Awhh dear Chaman, I am so sorry to hear this and can understand your pain. See it as her lack of understanding and experience. When we are young, we often take a lot of things for granted, most of all those who have done everything for us. Maybe when she will have children of her own one day, she will understand your value and realize how much you have done for her. Insha’Allah she will return.

    Much love and good wishes,

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