DP Daily Prompt:P.C Post by ranu

I can say,political correctness if one is a firm believer ,stifles honest discussion. If we are bound by political correctness ,we cannot exhibit our genuine concerns. Lot of feelings that come from the heart are suppressed. It leaves me feeling disappointed.

English: Rocks at Otley Chevin No doubt politi...

English: Rocks at Otley Chevin No doubt political correctness will soon ban children from enjoying these rocks, (as, of course, there is a danger that they might fall off). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DP Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears Post by Ranu

It happened in my second year of teaching.I was teaching in an all boys school.It was a ‘Residential Model School.’There were boys ranging in age from five years to twelve. One of the five year old was asked by my colleague,’Who was his favorite teacher’? He immediately, said “Chaman Apa”. ( Apa means big sister in Urdu) It sounded so beautiful,to me a five year old only thinks of his mother.This really moved me to tears.

I knew then, my decision to teach little kids was the right one.