DP Daily Prompt: Mirror,Mirror,on the wall Post by Ranu

Snow White Mirror 1

Snow White Mirror 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like the story of ‘Snow white and the seven dwarfs,and the evil queen’,every time she went to the mirror to find out who’s the fairest of them all,She never got the reply she wanted. I know this prompt has nothing to do with it. But then again,mirror, mirror on the wall is a reminder.

What does my blog reveal? It tells about me the person. The name of my blog is an example of my love for my Dad.The fact that I lost him early is all the more reason to keep his name alive.

My posts depict what I love.I love Tagore the poet.I have known about him from a very young age.His songs,his poems,his novels reverberates in my mind.I am proud to be a Bengali,it is a gift for me . I feel with every poem,and songs I translate I  am enabling others in a very small way to know,how great he was.

The daily post has given me the opportunity to write a little bit of myself,my likes and dislikes. I have gained some confidence by writing. I have a way to go.At the moment I am happy to write simple incidences of my life.I am not here to bore anyone.I just want to amuse myself.