DP Daily Prompt: Three- tenths (life,love,waste) Post by ranu

Ten words that come to mind are:

1. poetry










The above are the ten words that came to my mind.The three I have chosen are: love,life and waste.

As an infant we feel love. Our parents give it to us unconditionally. Life is good when we get love. We grow up feeling it is our birth right to be loved.

As years go by we grow up ,we start school.we meet boys and girls our age. we are taught basic language to fulfill our needs. Our life runs smoothly. The only responsibility we have is to make sure we remember our lessons. At home we are the most important person. In school there are twenty others who seek love from the one teacher. We cannot understand why we are not the center of attention. It teaches us jealousy. We start disliking our classmates. We feel because of them we do not get enough attention.

As we go higher up in grades,we learn another thing.It is competition. Our competitive spirit makes us believe we will get more attention if we do well. To achieve it we learn to work hard and not waste time. Our inner self teaches us all these things i.e do not waste time,we must work hard to impress the teacher, we will not get love automatically,we have to earn it,life will become complicated.

We grow up and are amazed to find life is no longer a bed of roses, there are thorns every step of the way. We learn to make adjustments to avoid getting hurt. Sometimes it is not easy. we move on at our own pace,we try to inhale everything around us. Suddenly we find ourselves struggling to keep up with the rest of humanity. Our parents are always there to teach us right and wrong. We are torn between the teachings of parents and that of our friends. There is a big difference. How can we tackle this. We are not quite sure who we should follow. Our mind has not developed yet to comprehend. If we are unlucky we’ll stick to our friends,the loss of friends at that stage is something we cannot cope with. We are sharp to understand who we must follow. Our parents ¬†will never abandon us, but the friends will. We choose friends over parents.The path taken by us will expose us to serious trouble. The nightmares will visit us every night,

While we are in this predicament,we realize it is essential to talk about our fears with our parents. We know they  will understand and save us from any further trouble. Parents love us unconditionally,they protect us from evil people. We learn from our experience,life,love and waste are the key to a successful future!