DP Daily Prompt: Secret of Success Post by Ranu

I consider blogging an “Art”.  I have ways to go to achieve this special ‘Art’. In my opinion I am doing well. Anytime I am able to write the daily prompts successfully according to my estimation, my attempts are worth considering. Then if I even have one follower who likes what I write,it is victory for me.

Since I’ve joined the daily prompt group,I am exposed to a variety of topics,I have written as much as was possible. Some were easier than others. The main thing is I’ve taken the prompts and made them my own.  Opinions differ about the”Secret of Success”, I feel if I can nail the topic my way, that’s the secret of my success. Granted when my work is published, you wouldn’t find it crowded with comments,I’ll probably have one or at the most two. It really does not matter and it will not stop me to continue writing. The pleasure I derive from writing a paragraph or two each morning is enough for me to tell myself ,”I AM SUCCESSFUL’!

15 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Secret of Success Post by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this.

    I very much like how you have defined success, in that it is more inwardly defined, by you, than resting on anyone else. I like this!

    I also like how you take these daily prompts, and make them your own. That does sound like a very intriguing process.

    All good wishes,


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