DP Daily Prompt: Ground Hog Day post by Ranu

Although it’s not relevant now.There was a time when I would choose to stay stuck in holidays. Holiday has such a musical sound to it,how could I want to get out of it. I do know good things are always shorter than bad. Take for example me,I was in a place where screaming and disobedient kids made my days miserable.I would dream of going home and relax, I wasn’t able to, I’d take stacks and stacks of books home to correct,meals to cook,children to look after,make sure I prepared myself for the next day. I clearly was stuck in a loop.

There also was the fear,the baby sitter’s call right before I left,”Mrs. Asgar, I’m sick I won’t come today”. I’d have to deal with it the best way I knew how. Then there was one of the kid’s sick. How do I take care of this emergency?

At least when it is a holiday,I can relax,despite the house work.

No it is never possible to get “Life” right. Whichever way I tried things were never smooth. As humans we are responsible for so many things,it’s never easy. Life is not easy.I tried in my opinion to do so much for my relatives,it came back not as a reward but a nightmare.Life is not fair,this is my view of life.

Tagore song, Singer-Indranil Sen translated and posted by Ranu

Tuberose, Polianthes tuberosa "The Pearl&...

Tuberose, Polianthes tuberosa “The Pearl” (Photo credit: nipplerings72)

മലയാളം: കദംബം

മലയാളം: കദംബം (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moon’s obstruction is removed,

it’s light is overflowing

O tuberose pour your nectar.

The crazy breeze understands not

where is the summons coming from.

In the garden whoever is beside me

makes me fall in love.

O tuberose pour your nectar,

Moon’s obstruction is removed ,

Its light is overflowing.

The blue sky is smeared with


The swan in the forest

spread its wings.

Taking the filament of Amaranth

how are you spreading the moon?

Who lit the lamp in the bridal chamber?

Moon’s obstruction is removed,

It’s light is overflowing,

O tuberose pour your nectar!