DP Daily Prompt: Blogger With A Cause Post by Ranu

I think I have taken care of my responsibilities. The kids are now adults. They are capable of looking after themselves,I hope they are. From the time they were infants,up to now I did everything for them. I fed them,clothed them,taught them anything they wanted I gave them.I have come to a point where I sense they are not as generous with their time as I was. This probably is my fate.

I think I’d want to do something for someone other than my family. I carried a lot of burden to raise them.When I look back I feel I’ve done more than the two younger ones deserve. It’s my time to turn to something else which would make me feel better.

I am so disappointed I don’t feel like volunteering for anything. I fear I may face another set of ungrateful people,I’d have difficulty coping if this happens.

Anyway I am seriously thinking of setting up a scholarship for kids in my area.How it will turn out I have no idea,I presume better than the two I’ve raised.This is all I think for now.It may change when I think some more.