DP Daily Prompt: Toy Story Post by Ranu

Plastic soldiers - machine gun soldier.

Plastic soldiers – machine gun soldier. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do have a toy story, I was not the sole owner. My two younger brothers and my younger sister owned it. I collected money from each one,we then set off to buy a toy in the store.We saw a variety of toys,we had to settle for one, the price was luckily, enough for us to be able to pay for it. It was a toy soldier with a machine gun ,was battery operated,whenever we turned on the switch the soldier would move his head and start firing.He was dressed in a green overall. We had hours of fun playing with it.It was our favorite toy,well it was the only one we had.

Now that I have seen and experienced the facts of life. I see there is no connection with our childhood toy and the real world we live in. I dislike wars,all the killing that takes place in the name of freedom,simply is distasteful to me. There are so many innocent lives lost, thinking about it makes me sick.

When I see someone with a gun it scares me. I remember I had an uncle who was a major in the army.He used to visit us quite often.One day he came in his military uniform, I told him to please come to our place wearing normal clothes( I mean civilian clothes).