DP Daily Prompt: Toy Story Post by Ranu

Plastic soldiers - machine gun soldier.

Plastic soldiers – machine gun soldier. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do have a toy story, I was not the sole owner. My two younger brothers and my younger sister owned it. I collected money from each one,we then set off to buy a toy in the store.We saw a variety of toys,we had to settle for one, the price was luckily, enough for us to be able to pay for it. It was a toy soldier with a machine gun ,was battery operated,whenever we turned on the switch the soldier would move his head and start firing.He was dressed in a green overall. We had hours of fun playing with it.It was our favorite toy,well it was the only one we had.

Now that I have seen and experienced the facts of life. I see there is no connection with our childhood toy and the real world we live in. I dislike wars,all the killing that takes place in the name of freedom,simply is distasteful to me. There are so many innocent lives lost, thinking about it makes me sick.

When I see someone with a gun it scares me. I remember I had an uncle who was a major in the army.He used to visit us quite often.One day he came in his military uniform, I told him to please come to our place wearing normal clothes( I mean civilian clothes).

3 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Toy Story Post by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this. I understand your discomfort.

    War is ugly. Let us, then, turn to what is beautiful in life.

    As a little girl, my daughter had toys. They were almost always stuffed animals. She arranged them in families.

    All good wishes,


    • Thank you Robert,we were fun loving children,we picked that toy because we thought the sound of the gun would bring joy to us,little did we realize then,this noise we thought was fun to hear,will become a nightmare for us all. Such is life.

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