DP Daily Prompt: Naked With Black Socks Post by Ranu

English: Cricket at Clavering: clean bowled Cl...

English: Cricket at Clavering: clean bowled Clavering take a wicket against Camden CC (Cambridge) on a perfect August afternoon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I read the title of the prompt, I thought  maybe it’s a mistake. You see this is one expression that passed me by. When I continued reading  the question. I felt this time I’m clean bowled . Well now that I was able to shake off my awe, I’m prepared to write about myself.

I am not comfortable in front of people if I am given something to read. Hiding in the bathroom,I wouldn’t go that far,but I look at the wall behind the rows of people and read my piece or answer questions without looking directly at them.

I acted in plays by Shakespeare,but then there was the nun watching me, I had to look or else,she’d think ‘Chaman I’d deal with you later’. I knew whatever it is she’d say it won’t be one on one. That kind of danger can straighten anyone,I am a mere meek mortal,I’d probably faint.

So public speaking is something I avoided,but prepared my child for one in her seventh grade,she came out with flying colors. If I could shake off my nervousness,I’d be half decent.  I am too edgy, I’d therefore admit, I’m not comfortable in front of people.