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Emblem of University of Political and Moral Sc...

Emblem of University of Political and Moral Science (now renamed as Thammasat University), as appeared in the Royal Gazette (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At age seven,we were given a book,the title was ,’Moral Science’,a subject in our school. As we were too young, we definitely failed to understand what we were supposed to learn. There were questions and answers and every day a period was devoted to this subject. We had exams and it was important to get hundred percent. I memorized the questions along with the answers and scored hundred percent every time.

The song ‘Che serra   serra’ seems to remind me that  somewhere, there is a similarity. Going back to moral Science,there was a question : Can Man Be Perfectly Happy? The answer was, Man Can Be Happy To Some Extent But Cannot Attain Perfect Happiness. We were unaware we were learning a very important fact of life.

Cruel as life is, we cannot ignore this truth. I sometimes sense there is a discrepancy here. The degree of unhappiness differs from person to person.Some are happier than others and why is it so. Who can answer this, perhaps those who are closer to God by their deeds. I certainly fail to qualify.

Is this question debatable,what do you think?

11 thoughts on “Moral Science post by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this post. Very interesting question.

    We all want to be happy, though we may define happiness differently. My concern is how all the people of the world may become happy together.

    Perhaps we can all agree on a shared set of principles, embedded within, and shared throughout, all the worlds religions and philosophies.

    We all want to be happy. We all bleed the same blood. We all are so similar to one another. How can we not be?

    All good wishes,


  2. I found it very interesting – and thanks for reminding me of this question which is so famous in discussions on ethics.

    I agree with the answer which was given in the book of moral science, but I am also having two further reflections.

    How do we define happiness? Because, there are some people who would feel that they were “perfectly happy” if they achieved their ideals, even if the achievement comes with heavy suffering. From other people’s point of view, they would not be “perfectly happy”, but from their own point of view they would be.

    I am now curious to read that book which you have mentioned, to see what is a scientific definition of happiness. Thanks 🙂

    • I am thinking about the lyrics of the song especially the words: hai aaj teri haar toh kal hai teri jeet. To me we all need to see both sides happy and unhappy.It can help us understand that in life these two go hand in hand.Everyone has to contribute to be happy,it’s not a one way street. We all have to be optimistic and as Sonya said,,”happiness requires some effort”.
      Thanks for your comment Shafique Bhai.

  3. Dear Chaman,

    Wonderful post. I saw this post after reading your latest post. I would say happiness is and will never be attained through worldly matters – those things we think we need and thus desire to attain a perfect life…

    Happiness can only be attained within, it lies with the Divine light within. It is the scent that is released when the flowers of love within your heart blossom. When you truly love yourself… And when that love ripples and radiates towards others.. When true love for God is attained.. And when one falls in love with Love itself.

    Much love and light,
    Shaidi ❤

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