Weekly writing challenge: Backward post by ranu https://sabethville.wordpress.com

We the grade four teachers went to the funeral home to bid goodbye to Darlene Decker,a grade four student.

Darlene was a nine year old pupil in my class. She was a lovely girl,she was always very confident and well-behaved. One day she came from the library and quite proudly showed me the two cook books she borrowed. I had a conversation with her,I wanted to find out,why she borrowed the cook books, she said,”I am going to cook breakfast tomorrow morning for us” I said, ” Darlene,can you cook?” , “Yes Mrs. Asgar, I always cook breakfast on week-ends,these books have different recipes,I want to try them. “I’m so glad you’re going to help your mother”,I said. It was a Friday afternoon,the bell rang and I decided to go home immediately to relieve my baby sitter.

On Monday morning,I went to school at 8:30 am. There were some books to correct. I sat down and started my work. moments later two boys raced in they were going to give me some news. Both of them were short of breath and were not coherent. I told them to calm down and then slowly tell me what is so urgent.

It was my turn to gasp for air,I could not believe what was coming out of their mouths. “Are you sure? I said. The news was not sinking in, I kept repeating,”Are you sure? The boys were surprised,they both said at once, “Don’t you listen to the Radio?” It was obvious I did not.

Three of us calmed down as the boys were desperately trying to give me the news of Darlene’s death. She volunteered to collect news paper money for her brother’s clients,so he could go to the movies.

After collecting the money she took a short cut to her house through the woods. She had gone half ways when she was stopped by her neighbor’s fourteen year old son, She told him she went to collect newspaper money on her brother’s behalf. He asked her to give him the money she refused. He punched her few times and when she still didn’t give in,he picked up a piece of driftwood close by. He hit her on the head,apparently  more than once. Darlene died instantly.

The boy went home and went straight to his room.

Meanwhile the parents of Darlene were getting worried,there was no sign of her it was getting late. The pet dog was very restless,it kept barking and running  in and out .Darlene’s family members were curious,why is the dog barking repeatedly.There must be something,some of the members went out and noticed the dog was barking and wanted them to follow it. The dog was leading them to the woods. They followed, halfway into the woods the dog stopped and was wagging its tail. They found the body of Darlene with multiple facial and head injuries. She was taken to the hospital,it was too late she had died hours ago according to the coroner.

This was the first time I went to the funeral home to say “Good-Bye” to my little nine year old pupil!

DP Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good Times Post By Ranu

I am dreaming of writing a fiction.I know it is truly improbable,this fact does not deter me. Keeping this thought in my mind,I go to bed. I am in deep slumber,I feel someone shaking me, I open my eyes I see my Dad looking at me and smiling.I rub my eyes and can only say”What”? ‘My Dad says write your story about me’. I say, ‘what can I write about you’? He says, ‘Everything you remember up to age twelve’, confused I say,’but why age 12,Dad’? He said,’when you were twelve I was no longer with you’. I knew it really is not possible to write a story. I start writing it and magically I complete it with my Dad standing behind smiling. He said,’Ranu you will publish this story’,reluctantly I agreed. Then I felt someone telling me in my ears,’Ranu your story is published’. I opened my eyes immediately,there was no one there.How can it be I said,’it seemed so real’. I related my dream to Evie,my friend,she was elated. she said, ‘even if it happens to be a dream we should celebrate’. ‘Celebrate what’? I said,’there is no reason’,but there is’,she said, ‘your dream will come true,we will practice how to celebrate when it comes true in real life’.

We decorated our living room with all kinds of streamers,ordered a cake from the local bakery,baked some delicious treats.We invited friends and neighbors but were careful not to tell them why we were celebrating.We had a grand time. At the end of the party,Evie burst into a roaring laughter,she said,” I’m sorry I am thinking what are you going to do,if you really write and publish a book”, the friends and neighbors were embarrassed and left without saying anything!