DP Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow Post by Ranu

My blog’s decline or decay three years in the future will solely depend on how much time I’d be able to invest. Smooth flow or block also rests on the  “Readers”.

We are getting so many emails from WordPress,how we can improve,is tempting me to observe what or how I can use their invaluable and free ideas. The problem is,me,myself and I. I feel contented to do what I’m doing,change is good but how it can affect my blog is what I’d like to know.

Right now I have very few who care to leave a comment. How is it going to be different if I look into the future and plan to make a drastic change. I’ve noticed those who get innumerable comments are those whose friends are bloggers and also friends who know about their blog.

People I know in St. John’s do not know about my blog,there is only one who reads it,but does not comment. Back in my original home, I have relatives who will not care to comment,they might think it’s a waste of time.

Given the number of people and their negative thinking actually slows down my eagerness to transform my blog.

12 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow Post by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing this.

    I admire the intention of your blogging. Some may respond to this with comments. Others may not. All the while, your intention remains untouched and the same. And for that I am grateful.

    All good wishes,


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  5. I feel like I am reading my thoughts here…
    Many times in my blogging “career” I have been “” close to shutting down. The first time was in Jan or Feb of 2010. That same year I co-founded an award winning blog that had 10,000 views per month.
    since then I have had ups and downs but have come to the realization that whether 1 person comments or 100 people comment I am doing what I love – writing and shooting.

    I love what you are doing and look forward to a blogging friendship with you …

    • I started blogging, when my online course participant started his blog.I thought it is a neat idea.Got some help along the way.
      There are some who pick and choose,I on the other hand feel if I get to read someone’s post,I must leave my comment.Robert is the only one
      who always writes his comment.I like it because I wouldn’t have written at all if I didn’t start blogging.
      Thank you I would like it.

    • Some of the daily prompts are such,I end up writing about myself and people and family who are not so agreeable,I find I write about them too.I had mentioned once if someone reads my posts,they’ll know everything about me.I feel at times I am writing my autobiography.
      It feels good to know someone other than my course participants,find my blog interesting.Thank you!

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