DP Daily Prompt: Trick or Treat Post by Ranu

A little snack for me!

A little snack for me! (Photo credit: Sandy Austin)

The event was called "Mickey's Halloween ...

The event was called “Mickey’s Halloween Treat” using this logo from 2005 through 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If this actually happened. Since it is all about candies and goodies.I’d give recipes for a variety of candies,cookies and  my homemade recipe of our famous native dessert “Ras Gullas”(Cheese balls in syrup).Whenever I am introduced to an Urdu speaking person,the first thing they ask me is can you make,”Ras Gullas?”(cheese balls in syrup). I’m sure this recipe will be a welcome treat.

Enough about food.I took some gorgeous pictures of my daughter in the Walt Disney character,”Meredah” she  sowed the costume herself in a week, she also sowed the cape. She did a marvellous job.  I will post the pictures.

I am thinking about some songs too. I hope I can get some scary songs. This will be my treat for the bloggers.It’s a very good idea.

Recipe for Bengali Dessert,” Ras Gulla”( cheese balls in syrup)


1. whole milk– 2 litres

2. white vinegar or fresh lemon juice— half cup

3. all purpose flour– 1 tablespoon

4. butter— 1 tablespoon

For syrup:

1, sugar– 2 cups

2. water— 3 cups

3. rose water— 2 tablespoons( optional)

Method:  boil milk in low heat until the milk comes to room temperature.High heat will burn the milk.Gradually raise the temperature,making sure milk doesn’t burn at the bottom.

Bring it to a full boil,pour the vinegar or fresh lemon juice in the boiling milk,this will help to form the cheese,keep boiling until the cheese separates from the milk and the liquid resembles water.

Take a colander and put a a cheese cloth in it that will drain the water and hold the cheese.Drain excess water from the cheese by squeezing it.

When the cheese cools off,put it in a bowl.You will notice you are unable to shape balls.

Put the flour and the butter in the cheese and mix it thoroughly.

Next start kneading the cheese to make it pliable and soft,enough to shape into small balls,half the size of a golf ball.(use the palm of your hand to knead,just like when you knead atta to make chapatis)

You can make eighteen balls.( cover with a cloth to prevent them from drying up)

Next is syrup:

Pour the 3 cups of water and 2 cups of sugar in a round pot.It should be large enough to hold the cheese balls.Bring it to a boil,test to make sure the syrup feels a bit sticky when you touch it.

Put the cheese balls in the syrup one at a time,making sure there are no cracks,otherwise they will break. when the syrup resumes boiling,cover and let it boil for five minutes at high heat. reduce the heat to medium and continue boiling for ten more minutes,check to make sure the syrup has not dried up ,have some boiling water ready to pour if the syrup is too thick. Leave it boiling at medium another ten minutes. Reduce the heat to simmer and boil for twenty five minutes more,before taking it off the stove put some of the rose water for flavour. My daughter does not like the scent of rose water,so I don’t use it.( take the cover off after five minutes of boiling)

Helpful hint the cheese balls

should not rub against each other, they should have enough room to move independently,otherwise they will break.

If you like your Ras gullas very sweet increase the amount of sugar.

DP Daily Prompt: First post by Ranu

My first job as a teacher was in my little hometown. I was warned by my Prof.,according to him it was a bad idea to be a school teacher.My big brother wanted me to teach in a college. My sister was the principal of the college.I knew it was not a good idea,my sister was bossy enough at home,to extend it at work,would be something I could not dream of doing.

I happily took a position in a local school. There were only a few kids in the school. The kids ranged from age five to fourteen. My first day was going well,at recess I noticed a five year old crying. I asked him what was wrong,he told me,he wants to go home.His Mom left him. I looked around and saw a a girl his age,running around playing with some other children.I stopped her,I asked, pointing to the boy,’will you play with him’.She was happy to oblige.Minutes later I found the two holding hands,happy and contented. Mom was forgotten in no time.

That same day I was called in to teach various kids in different grades. They liked me and I had fun teaching them.

Well I told myself, had I listened to big brother and took the college job,I’d be the one shedding tears,my bossy sister would make me forget the word teacher!

‘Thay porhey thay’ Read to me, a poem by R.Tagore Translated and Posted by Ranu


What has he written today.

Let the touch of his

distant message

soothe my heart.

Let it bring

the scent of  the mustard field

in my solitary home,

I want the slow breeze to

blow my flowing hair.

Take the tune of the

blue sky and play on my

lonely mind,

make the grim road

visible from my window.

I will let my heart

rejoice at the

colorful setting

of the sun,

While I sit quietly  with tearful eyes!

DP Daily Prompt: Pep Talk Post by Ranu

Lately I have written a few ‘Pep Talk’.It is for a very good cause. I know someone who needs it. This person is brilliant,humble,helpful,in other words doesn’t lack anything except,”Confidence’. I know I need to be cautious when I do this,I never presume to know everything,but I sometimes can be quite convincing. So here is my Pep Talk  for this person,whom I will give the pseudonym ,’Harry’.

I noticed he was not as jovial as he used to be.He lacks interest in his work.He works all night and sleeps all day. The worst part is he has fallen behind in important work. I thought he needs cheering up,someone to remind him he is brilliant and that he should forget about some of the negative things that happened in his life.

I said, ‘Harry my dear,you are a gifted writer,you have won countless awards,you need to think about the positive things in your life and try to get back your lost confidence. The only nocturnal living things I know are ,cats,I had a few,they slept all day and ran around all night.This is their lifestyle they are not expected to work for their livelihood.Humans do it for them,they are fed,cleaned and taken to the vet,a fantastic life isn’t it.We on the other hand are diurnal,our work is done during the day and we sleep at night. Think about it this way,a lot is expected of us,especially a brilliant person like you. Put all the negative thoughts in the litter box,start anew,look back at all your accomplishments and start believing in yourself. Anyone who makes you feel small,it’s their problem,they are jealous because they are unable to do what you can,cheer up my friend,all is not lost.’

DP Daily Prompt: Seven Wonders post by Ranu

Taj Mahal, Agra, India. Français : Taj Mahal, ...

Taj Mahal, Agra, India. Français : Taj Mahal, Agra, Inde. हिन्दी: ताज महल, आगरा, भारत. پښتو: تاج محل, اګره, هند. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And in the sweetness of friendship let there b...

And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and the sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. (Photo credit: The hills are alive (Away))

Seven Wonders,people will not understand each other’s language unless it is reduced to seven words by Khalil Gibran.

My seven words are:

1. Love: As long as I have love in my heart, I will hopefully keep the doors of hate closed.

2. Freedom: Every one has a right to freedom.

3. Health:  If we take care of ourselves,we will be healthy.

4. Food: Every one has the right to have food,a hungry world will produce unhappy people.

5. Shelter: Shelter is a priority for all living things.

6. Clothing: This is one of the most important requirement for a human being.

7. Happy:  The world will be a peaceful and happy  place to live, if everyone is blessed with the above six.

Megh bolechhe jabo(Cloud said,I will go) Tagore song Translated and posted by Ranu

Cloud said: ‘I will go ,I will go’ .

Night said:’I am leaving.’

Ocean said: ‘the shore

is found,

I am not needed anymore.’

Cloud said: ‘I will go I will go.’

Sorrow says:’I stay quiet,

and remain as a symbol.’

I said: ‘I unite,I do not

want anything else.’

Earth says: ‘you have

wreath of flowers.’

Sky says: ‘you light

hundred thousand lights!’

Love says: ‘for you I stay

awake age after age.’

Death says: I

steer your lifeboat!’


DP Daily Prompt: The Golden Hour Post by Ranu

Golden Hour

Golden Hour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Golden Hour for me was, 6: 20 Am today. This time is based on the prayer schedule. I woke up at 6:05  Am and waited for the exact prayer time. In the meantime I washed and got ready.When it was time,I started my prayer.Morning prayer takes little more than five minutes to complete,this is mandatory,besides I include another twenty minutes. I got the idea from my friend,she prays for her parents and other relatives past and present.

I started about eight years ago. It gives me a very good feeling to pray for my parents,my relatives and my good friend. I do hope my prayer will bring peace to my near and dear ones.

6 :00 AM is a golden hour for me. I finish praying in twenty-five minutes. I then have my breakfast. I wait for the daily prompt which is built into my schedule. I look for Tagore’s poems to translate,some days I like to do the ones that are simple as well as meaningful. All of his poems and songs are delightful and full of important messages,if we try to understand. I am also able to do housework and take care of other worldly matters,it gives me a lot of time to get everything done.

If I go to bed at 3:00 Am my whole day will be wasted and I’ll accomplish nothing.

DP Daily Prompt: Break Down Post by Ranu

English: Al Mukalla. Yemen. - The small tissue...

English: Al Mukalla. Yemen. – The small tissue shop behind the mosque in the Old Town. Русский: Эль-Мукалла. Йемен. – Маленький тканевый магазин позади мечети в Старом Городе. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a terrible habit of buying fabrics. Every time I visit one of these fabric stores,I instantly think of buying a piece or pieces to make an outfit for myself. I cannot qualify to be a seamstress, I am not even passionate about sewing,still I have a tremendous desire to buy.

I bought two pieces a few years ago to make a dress for myself,it didn’t happen.I am thinking of having a proper place to do the job. So far I am not sure which room in the house will be perfect. As I could not decide,the pieces of fabric are lying folded hoping to take some kind of useful shape for me.

Couple of days ago I went to the fabric store with my daughter.She was looking for a pattern and material for a ‘Halloween’ costume. I looked around,saw some beautiful material for a Saree. While deciding which one will be perfect, I could hear a voice telling me,’Ranu you have new ones you haven’t yet worn,what makes you think you will wear this one’.I listened to the voice and stopped looking. Will I hear the voice again ,when I am itching to buy? I sincerely doubt.

The only way to break this habit is never to go to the fabric store,this is what I think.What do you think?

DP Daily Prompt: Simply the Best Post by Ranu

Voyager 2 20120613 11

Voyager 2 20120613 11 (Photo credit: Apojove)

What belongs on board simply the best. Nasa’s new voyager spacecraft will carry the best of human culture. Culture is defined as the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

2. The ideas customs and social behaviour of a particular people or society.

Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language,religion,cuisine,social habits,music and arts.

Since the Voyager spacecraft intends to take the best of human culture,we have to decide who or what belongs there.Since Nasa is in the United States,is there going to be conflict of interest e.g Americans might think since it’s on our soil,only our culture,religion,language,cuisine,and social habits should be on board.

If we decide on the basis of human culture,that to my mind includes the whole world. There will be skeptics, who will  not agree about this subject i.e ‘Who belongs on board’?

What I think is there should be a debate and the participants should come from different culture,religion, language and social habits,the decision should come collectively.

It would be interesting to see how this goes!

DP Daily Prompt: Express Yourself Post by Ranu



I bought some material for a set of outfit to be stitched by a tailor.I was in Chicago,I didn’t know anyone who could do a perfect job. feeling totally flustered I  asked the sales girl.She gave me the address of a new seamstress,she had arrived from Karachi,looking for work. My brother-in-law and I found the address.I was delighted thinking,finally there is someone who could do the job for me.

With that thought I rang the doorbell,a very young girl opened the door.Her size,looks, completely confused me. I thought,’she is too young to sew the outfit I want’.I couldn’t just stand at the doorstep,an explanation why I was there seemed necessary at that point. Instantly I found out she didn’t speak English,what could be her mother tongue?

She spoke Urdu,I knew the language but did not have an occasion to speak it. So the obvious happened,I mixed both English and Urdu to communicate, I desperately wanted her to understand. I was lucky she figured it out. I used hand signals,a bit of Urdu and a whole lot of English words to tell her what I wanted and how long it will take. I came home happy to find a seamstress,who will make an outfit for me.

My brother-in-law with whom I didn’t get along made fun of me for forgetting a language I learned in my childhood. They say,’Practice makes one Perfect’,I truly believe in it!