DP Daily Prompt: Exhale Post by Ranu

English: The waiting area at London Heathrow a...

English: The waiting area at London Heathrow airport’s terminal 3. Terminal 3 uses a centralised waiting area rather than seats at each gate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It happened at Heathrow airport in London. We were traveling to Dhaka,Bangladesh. It was evening,we were patiently waiting for the flight. I looked up and saw our flight was boarding, I told my husband, we then dashed off to get to the gate, I cannot recall the gate number now,but we knew we had a long walk ahead of us. As soon as we reached the gate,my husband looked for the boarding passes,he couldn’t find them. I was nervous,what are we going to do,”I said”?

The look my husband gave me could give anyone a heart attack.I guess I have a strong heart, nothing happened to me. As you can see I am still alive. It never helps when we are nervous,we fail to realize things are not that bad. My dear husband had the passes in his hand. Neither he nor I thought of looking. That was one long deep exhale for us,Wow!

23 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Exhale Post by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Exhales are nice. They serve to empty us, and then the fresh air can enter automatically. When we are nervous, exhales are fewer and less full.

    You’ve described an experience with which ever human can relate.

    All good wishes,


    • Yes this feeling we all have some time or the other.Too bad it happened when we reached the gate.
      Thank you Robert for your comment.
      By the way tomorrow morning I am flying to Montreal.I’ll be there till the 18th of this month. My friend with
      whom I’ll stay,does not have my hobby i.e she hasn’t got a computer,therefore no internet. I’ll have to leave
      my old faithful behind. I hope to catch up with you all on the 19th of October,Inshah Allah.


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    • Is it only me or everyone gets into a fit when traveling.You’re welcome. I always like reading
      good poetry. You’ve got some excellent ones.

    • It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just the two of us.Our three little ones were going too.The flight took twelve hours
      to reach Dhaka,every few minutes,we were hearing,’Are we there yet’. Relatives came to see us,we collapsed exactly
      where we sat.
      It was fun.

    • With all the commotion the added problem was they were renovating,we could hardly see where we were going.This was one journey,I’ll never forget!

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