DP Daily Prompt: Home Sweet Home Post by Ranu

I came home after ten days in Montreal. I can’t explain what is it about ones home,that it makes you think about it day and night.

To begin with I woke up at three in the morning to get ready for my flight. You might say it’s crazy to wake up that early to catch a flight at 5:30 a.m. Here is how my system works.I have to take a shower,do it slowly.I avoid doing it in ten minutes. Then I have to make my bed,make sure  I leave everything in its proper place,this is to save myself from getting irritated when I’m back. I was required to be an hour and a half early at the airport to check in.

I noticed I missed my home the moment I boarded my flight. I missed my computer,it meant I could not do my daily post. My friend who I stayed with doesn’t have these things.She is contented with cooking,cleaning and going to the mall everyday and do window shopping.

I missed my kitchen,cooking my food the way I like. I couldn’t do that in a strange place. I missed my bed, waking up before sunrise for prayer. After a couple of days I was ready to be back at home.The sad part is, I booked to stay for ten days,no matter how I felt, I’d have to’Grin and Bear it’.

I am probably giving the impression I did not have a good time,it’s not true,I did. When I’m away from  home,my enjoyment lasts for a short while. There are a whole host of things I have to sacrifice,it brings the question,was it really worth it?

This is how I feel about ,’My Home’!

9 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Home Sweet Home Post by Ranu

    • Thank you Robert,I cannot explain how much I missed those things.The computer to me is a blessing I get to interact with my friends.
      My friend however has no clue what a great tool it is. She has her own way of amusing herself.Anyway,I’m delighted to hear from you.
      How have you been,how is your family and your sweet daughter, Summer? Best wishes to you all.

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