Tagore Song Dakbo Na–I will not call Singer Sagar Sen translated and posted by Ranu

English: Map of the Yamuna River, a tributary ...

English: Map of the Yamuna River, a tributary of the Ganges in northern India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ganges River Delta

Ganges River Delta (Photo credit: Euclid vanderKroew)

I will not call ,

I will not call ,

I will not call this way,

from outside.

If possible I will

use my inner self to call.

I will not call this way.

My heart aches to give,

I know not where the

receiver is.

Who will make this giving

and receiving possible?

I will not ,not

call this way from outside.

will there be harmony

between our pain?

Will the Ganges and the

dark waters of Jumna unite?

Can we understand

each other’s pain?

The musical instrument

sounded on its own.

He came on his own,

when leaving he promised

to be back.

I will not,not call this

way from outside!

DP Daily Prompt: As Seen on TV post by Ranu

This is an assignment I’ll easily get a big round zero. Late night infomercial is something I never wanted to watch.How can I put myself in their shoes and expect them to come in droves to read my blog.

I’ll just say,come one come all,visit my blog.You will find short stories that will impress you. Translations of Tagore can teach you about the great poet of the east. Daily Prompts that will slowly reveal a thing or two about me.

To top it all there will be rhythmic  songs in my mother tongue and the translation.Where can you find all this? “Only in Sabethville”

” Upohaar” A gift: poem by Tagore Translated and posted by Ranu

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for li...

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for literature. It is the first Nobel prize won by Asia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’d like to bring a gift of love,

I am anxious to know what can it be.

What my heart desires

my mind is unable to find.

They ganged up against me

and took what I had,

What remains it’s best

not to mention .

Gold silver and precious gems

were buried in the ground,

The dealers found them

and took them home.

There’s a lot of

money in the mint,

I’ll be in trouble if I take them.

Clothing is in the chest,

Strict security prevails.

This world that we are living in

is a terrible place,

there are people who will

deceive you and leave never

to show up again.

Which is why little memorabilia

are left as gifts.

Some remain,others break,

it’s a useless expense.

If I could leave at your disposal

all my love and affection

and it was visible,

who would give so

many things to you?

I think and wonder

what wealth can I leave for

you secretly__

you and I will be happy.

It will be done,

by giving you something

and  buy your affection

continually,is not what I like.

You are young,

you have a lot waiting for you,

drink up all the love

and affection we give.

If you forget,or

time doesn’t permit,

it doesn’t matter.

These things are for us

we have all the time

to remember.

The river pushes all the

obstacles and moves onward,

into far away lands.

It leaves its starting point

moves further away to distant


The motionless peak

forever keeps the river

in its memory.

Likewise whether you are

near or far,

My blessings will follow you

till eternity!