DP Daily Prompt: Trick or Treat Post by Ranu

A little snack for me!

A little snack for me! (Photo credit: Sandy Austin)

The event was called "Mickey's Halloween ...

The event was called “Mickey’s Halloween Treat” using this logo from 2005 through 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If this actually happened. Since it is all about candies and goodies.I’d give recipes for a variety of candies,cookies and  my homemade recipe of our famous native dessert “Ras Gullas”(Cheese balls in syrup).Whenever I am introduced to an Urdu speaking person,the first thing they ask me is can you make,”Ras Gullas?”(cheese balls in syrup). I’m sure this recipe will be a welcome treat.

Enough about food.I took some gorgeous pictures of my daughter in the Walt Disney character,”Meredah” she  sowed the costume herself in a week, she also sowed the cape. She did a marvellous job.  I will post the pictures.

I am thinking about some songs too. I hope I can get some scary songs. This will be my treat for the bloggers.It’s a very good idea.

Recipe for Bengali Dessert,” Ras Gulla”( cheese balls in syrup)


1. whole milk– 2 litres

2. white vinegar or fresh lemon juice— half cup

3. all purpose flour– 1 tablespoon

4. butter— 1 tablespoon

For syrup:

1, sugar– 2 cups

2. water— 3 cups

3. rose water— 2 tablespoons( optional)

Method:  boil milk in low heat until the milk comes to room temperature.High heat will burn the milk.Gradually raise the temperature,making sure milk doesn’t burn at the bottom.

Bring it to a full boil,pour the vinegar or fresh lemon juice in the boiling milk,this will help to form the cheese,keep boiling until the cheese separates from the milk and the liquid resembles water.

Take a colander and put a a cheese cloth in it that will drain the water and hold the cheese.Drain excess water from the cheese by squeezing it.

When the cheese cools off,put it in a bowl.You will notice you are unable to shape balls.

Put the flour and the butter in the cheese and mix it thoroughly.

Next start kneading the cheese to make it pliable and soft,enough to shape into small balls,half the size of a golf ball.(use the palm of your hand to knead,just like when you knead atta to make chapatis)

You can make eighteen balls.( cover with a cloth to prevent them from drying up)

Next is syrup:

Pour the 3 cups of water and 2 cups of sugar in a round pot.It should be large enough to hold the cheese balls.Bring it to a boil,test to make sure the syrup feels a bit sticky when you touch it.

Put the cheese balls in the syrup one at a time,making sure there are no cracks,otherwise they will break. when the syrup resumes boiling,cover and let it boil for five minutes at high heat. reduce the heat to medium and continue boiling for ten more minutes,check to make sure the syrup has not dried up ,have some boiling water ready to pour if the syrup is too thick. Leave it boiling at medium another ten minutes. Reduce the heat to simmer and boil for twenty five minutes more,before taking it off the stove put some of the rose water for flavour. My daughter does not like the scent of rose water,so I don’t use it.( take the cover off after five minutes of boiling)

Helpful hint the cheese balls

should not rub against each other, they should have enough room to move independently,otherwise they will break.

If you like your Ras gullas very sweet increase the amount of sugar.

12 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Trick or Treat Post by Ranu

    • I hope it is okay,if I missed writing something ,please let me know,I will fix it.
      I’m sure your wife will be able to figure it out.Enjoy the dessert.I went through a lot of trial and
      error,before I was able to get it right.At home no one tries to make it because it’s available in the shop.
      It’s a different story here.

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