DP Daily Prompt: Intense! Post by Ranu

Sir Muhammad Iqbal

Sir Muhammad Iqbal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I registered to do an online course on Iqbal the poet,philosopher.Little did I know other participants had studied about Iqbal when they merely learned to talk and walk of course.

I told myself how difficult can it be,he is another poet  and philosopher.The last word woke me up.he is a philosopher too,what do these guys do they, excuse me for writing this,” They only philosophize about everything, speculate,theorize. The last words in the previous sentence,started unraveling my brain.

I began talking to myself,now ‘Ranu’ ,my dear you needed to think before you registered yourself to rub shoulders with these knowledgeable participants.Things were getting quite intense. I couldn’t take myself out of this mess,especially when my fees was paid by the kind facilitator.It was something very unexpected. This kindness made me sweat some more. “I am trapped someone please help me”,I felt like the lion chained,was it a lion or elephant? whatever,one of those big shots,who was released by a lowly mouse.

Hey, I’ll be the mouse in this story,I thought I will gnaw anyone who threatens me. But my teeth are not sharp enough,perhaps in this case my words can be used as a substitute.

Whenever I think of the word “SUBSTITUTE’,all I can think of are the teachers who had to replace me and face my naughty kids in school for only a day.

What I have signed up for is going to last a year maybe two or even three. I shall not play the counting game it’s already making me dizzy.

I sat in front of my daughter’s computer and started typing my answer for the first lesson. I was up till midnight,my daughter was worried ‘Mom’,she called,’Are you all right’? I couldn’t say,’I am having a nightmare’!

So ended  my first assignment,it was intense,but I made it through!

NaBloPoMo Nov.5th Malala, Book Review and post by Ranu https://sabethville.wordpress.com

Malala Yousafzai at the Global Education First...

Malala Yousafzai at the Global Education First Initiative anniversary event (Photo credit: United Nations Information Centres)

Gone are the days when women were supposed to cook and rear children.They had no voice.No one thought they could be of help to society or themselves.Here is a book that proves women are capable of doing a lot more.

Malala is the title of the book I am writing a review of. The authors are Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb.

It is the story of a sixteen year old girl from Pakistan. Her only crime was she wanted to get education.

The main characters are Malala yousafzai,her fatherand her friends who agreed with her.The story took place in Swat Valley,Pakistan. The actual event happened in 2012,but it was planned before last year.

Malala was shot by the Taliban,they wanted to kill her to silence the threat of having someone who would go against their wishes.My favorite part was when the character in the story was saved by physicians. It didn’t look optimistic at first but thanks to the dedicated physicians who were able to save her.It enabled her to tell her story.

It was written well,the background of the story gives an idea of how brave the character was. Christina lamb’s contribution helped the main character write the book as English is not her mother tongue.

I am sure the kids her age and coming from the same background would be inspired to read the story.Other places in the world,I am not sure how popular it would be.

It is a story,full of intrigue,violence  and is also a story of education.It shows the determination of a teenager,who was ready to fight all odds to prove her point.

Personally I enjoyed the story, I lived in those places and I know how narrow minded people can be when it comes to women’s education.