NaBloPoM0 Nov.15 Post by Ranu

fluffy snow

fluffy snow (Photo credit: Andrea_R)

The sky is overcast today,

I wonder what will happen,

The temperature is dipping lower,

Does it mean we will have snow?


Snow in November is painful to bear,

It means it will stay on the ground,

Until spring comes around.


Let us get our shovels,

And all the other gear,

To make sure we are ready,

To handle the fluffy white stuff.

3 thoughts on “NaBloPoM0 Nov.15 Post by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this. I very much like the white, fluffy stuff, even if it does contribute to treacherous road conditions. There is a special in the cold winter months.

    All good wishes,


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