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The Nocturnal Silence

The Nocturnal Silence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nocturnal Flame

Nocturnal Flame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I interviewed my friend:

Ranu : When do you find time to write?

Friend: I write at night.

Ranu: When do you sleep?

Friend: I sleep during the day.

Ranu: Are you saying you are nocturnal.

Friend: I am not saying,these days I am nocturnal. You see all the humans sleep at night,it’s a perfect time for me to let my creative juices flowing. No whining or complaints from my better half or offspring. Life is wonderful. I enjoy interacting with my imaginary characters,they help me with my writing,these are the moments, ‘I say God is great’.

Ranu:  O I see, nights are peaceful for you,I’ll have to jot this down,it will help me to bother you,when you are deep in thought.

Friend: I am glad you slipped, I’d remember to turn my wringer off.

Ranu: Aren’t you bored writing at night at the cost of your sleep?

Friend: Did you say, “Bored”? No certainly not, I have a whale of a time,really,I do.Try it sometimes.

Ranu: Try it, are you kidding,you mean sleep during the day and work at night? For starters, I cannot miss breakfast and lunch,then I love peddling on the stationary bike, check my mail and so many other cool things,which you miss every day.

Friend: How do you know you won’t love what I do,unless you try.

Ranu: Listen my friend,I have a hard enough time writing ‘nablopomo and daily prompt daily,you think I am crazy to spend some more time writing at night. My brain stops thinking when the clock strikes 10:00 PM. Thanks for your advice.Enjoy,”WRITING”.

This post is dedicated to my best friend on this planet.

NaBloPoMo Nov,16 song, translation by Ranu https://sabethville.wordpress.com

So many tunes and so many songs,

If they stop some day,

I know that will be the day

You will also forget me.

How long is this life,

How long will these sweet

moments last.

Still I found you,

I know you will forget me,

I found that song

for which I gave my heart.

I don’t feel any remorse

today I have forgotten

everything about her.

We all  lose everything that’s

precious in this life,

I know you will forget me.

So many tunes and so many songs,

If they stop some day

I know that will be the day

you will also forget me!

The above is my translation.I thought this is a song, most of you will like. This is my post for ‘NaBloPoMo’