NaBloPoMo Nov.17 How I spent my time yesterday Ranu’s post

Turquoise Chiffon Sari.

Turquoise Chiffon Sari. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was Saturday. I did not plan to do anything,but concentrate on my daily routine,so I translated a song and wrote the daily prompt.

My daughter suddenly said,”Mom do you want to go to Fabricville?” She wanted to look at some fabric for a dress. Her motivation was some of them are on sale. Why don’t we go and check it out. My theory is if I just do window shopping,it  will be fine.But O no, the fabric on sale were too attractive to just window shop.I had to have at least enough material to wear as a sari. Then I had to buy matching fabric for the long skirt and blouse.

Instead of helping Selina. I was busy buying for myself. I was pleased. I ignored the fact I had five or six sarees I did not wear yet. I thought about Auntie Jean,when I was going crazy buying the fabric. She was a sweet heart. Once she remarked, “Chaman,you have so many sarees,you have to live to be a hundred to wear all these”. If she were alive,she’d say two hundred I think. Well I certainly don’t want to live that long, I am thinking of Shakespeare’s poem,’All the world’s a stage,especially the last part,sans teeth , sans hearing etc.”

I love shopping, if I call it quits today,I am sure my things will come in handy for someone. I had a good time at the fabric store.It’s all about having a great time,doing something I love.

6 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Nov.17 How I spent my time yesterday Ranu’s post

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this post about your fabric store adventure. It’s clear that this brings you a kind of joy.

    I remember my old Appalachian grandmother who could sew quite proficiently. Her sewing machine had no electrical power. The power came from a little foot pedal which, with one foot, she would get the sewing machine moving. Then, with one hand on a little wheel on the side of the sewing machine, she would further provide sewing/stitching power to the machine.

    She would create items, just like you do with fabric. And with a needle, she would bring pieces together into one single item. She created items, gifts, and happiness.

    All good wishes,


    • First, I do like buying things,it doesn’t matter whether I need it or not.Saturday’s purchase
      was not necessary. I do love to do these things. I have seen those machines with foot peddles.
      I went to a relatives house and saw one of those,I couldn’t peddle it correctly.It always went backward.
      I gave up thinking this is hard.
      I am not a good seamstress,I lack patience.Since I bought the fabric,I’ll have to try.
      Thank you Robert,your grandmother was certainly proficient.

    • Thank you Sheen, I sometimes stay away from stores,but my daughter asked me I had to go. I wasn’t planning
      to buy anything,but couldn’t help it.Thank you for visiting, Sheen.Are there any more Bengali words,you’d like to know?
      Please let me know.I’d be more than glad to help.
      Best wishes to you.

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