NaBloPoMo November 18 A movie Ranu’s post

Yesterday I watched a Hindi movie.The title was Aseema. It was also the name of the main character.She was the only child of her parents. She did not go through higher studies.Her wealthy parents decided to marry her off to a physician.

She felt her husband very aloof . As she was married already ,she didn’t know what to think.He left her with her parents.The family was told he had business elsewhere,leading them to believe he’d be back soon. Instead she received a letter of divorce. Aseema’s father was angry.This is all he could do.The daughter decided to go to school . She finished her education.The parents looked after her child while she was in school.

She took a job in a college away from her home.Some of her colleagues were wondering why she was not interested to get married.They had no knowledge of her.She did not take them into her confidence.

She had an accident and had to be taken to the hospital.Here she met a doctor who was very kind and helped her with the healing of her leg. The doctor was a bachelor,he did not marry because of his responsibility towards his family.

Aseema fell ill and refused to seek medical help.She was forced to do so by her friend. The doctor who treated her leg, took care of her again. The two started seeing each other and fell in love. When the question of marriage came,Aseema wasn’t sure,she declined because she had to take care of her daughter.

Meanwhile the daughter  was studying in Mumbai.She fell in love with her classmate and wanted to marry him. Aseema was not in favor,she wanted her daughter,to complete her education. The family insisted that Aseema should let her daughter get married. They were married.

Now the family wanted her to marry the doctor. They did get married and I guess lived happily ever after.

It is a good story written by someone from Orrissa. The main characters are not well known.I liked the story,at times I felt their acting was not natural.

When I started watching it, I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch the full movie. The outcome seemed predictable to me.

DP daily Prompt: Land of Confusion Ranu’s post

London Underground roundel logo

London Underground roundel logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Snow in Russell Square. Unusual sight...

English: Snow in Russell Square. Unusual sight for London, a London bus stands snow topped at the side of Russell Square Gardens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was once invited to a tea party in London,England. The invitation was organized by British Council for new students who were in London on a British Council scholarship.

My supervisor told me I should accept all the invitations that come my way. It was according to her the best way of knowing a variety of people.

When I received the invitation for tea,I gladly accepted. At first I had no idea how the underground system worked,I took a map and figured out which line I should take.

I reached my destination on time. I saw some delightful ladies,wearing their fashionable dresses and hats. This put me out of place right away. I was wearing a sari,a very ordinary one. I could feel my face warm,I told myself,”it’s okay Ranu, Sari is the dress of your country,do not be embarrassed,they’ll know by looking at you,you are from India”. It wasn’t satisfactory for me,my country is Bangladesh. I let it go and looked around for a spot to sit. The ladies were deep in conversation,I was aware they did not bother to look at me,a mere insignificant woman disturbing their privacy. Someone came to me and offered tea and biscuits.I took the cup of tea and a biscuit and started to drink my tea as quietly as possible. I was afraid my breathing will cause the ladies to give me an evil eye.

Suddenly I saw some snow flakes falling.The ladies were excited they were giggling and laughing. I watched the snow, it disappeared when it hit the ground. I was a bit afraid,My dress was not perfect to welcome snow,I’d be cold and to make things worse I’d have to walk a reasonable length to get to the tube station.

When the party was over,the ladies left promptly,leaving me bewildered and anxious,I was thinking who will I thank. No one came forward I quietly left the place,walked a few yards to the underground station ,took the train to Russell Square and came back to Goodenough College. I breathed a sigh of relief when I came into my room.