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Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey (Photo credit: SliceOfChic)

What drives me crazy is when someone promises something and goes back on his/her word. I can be very peculiar,I immediately decide I’ll have nothing to do with this person. I don’t think there must be some problem. I make up my mind, I cannot deal with someone who doesn’t value his/her own word. You can say I won’t have many friends I am so rigid. Those who know me are always willing to take my side.

What makes me happy? A lot of things e.g when I get a reply to my email promptly. I am very happy. I was happy when my former student volunteered to shovel my driveway. The fact she remembered me and came to my house was enough to make me happy.I always feel good when I can do something in return. That student of mine brought six friends of hers,to shovel the driveway. I was so happy I bought a turkey,roasted it and took it to her. At that time she lived across the street from me.

NaBloPoMo Nov.20 A Story Ranu’s post https://sabethville.wordpress.com

Vow of Silence

Vow of Silence (Photo credit: MTSOfan)

This story took place in a world I was beginning to adjust myself.The people here were no different from the ones I came into contact with some years ago.

My siblings and I gradually felt comfortable. We had new schools to go to. There wasn’t much of a contrast,except the teachers’ outfit was one I hadn’t seen before. Immediately I understood this new school was somewhat unfamiliar from the one I attended before.

Each grade was called standard. I was admitted in standard two.My sister wanted to put me in standard three,but the teacher whom we were supposed to call ‘Sister’, declared I was too young for standard three.

My teacher held my hand and announced she’ll take me to my classroom.Along the way she asked me a lot of questions which I happily answered. She was pleased I was able to speak English. The teachers decided to give me a battery of tests.There were some Math. problems,questions in English and I was given a book to read. I finished all the work. The teacher corrected Math. and English. She told me she will take me to a different classroom. I got up and once again held her hand and trudged along. This was a new classroom,the ┬áreceiving teacher was happy to see me. In all this time I had no idea why I was put in a different classroom.

I went home making sure not to tell my crooked sister,my classroom had changed,I was afraid I was put in a lower standard,perhaps the tests I did was wrong. My sister told me I was in standard two.I was silent,afraid to tell her I was moved,I thought to a lower level.

Next day we were all lined up to go to our respective classrooms. When the teacher signalled the ones in standard two should follow her,I hopped from the line and I was ready to follow her. When she saw me she remarked, “not you Chaman,you are in standard three.” I was ecstatic,I must have done well in those tests I thought .Well I could not wait to go home and tell my bossy sister I was in standard three. Thus ended my first day at my new school.