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One day I tried to open a can of beef. There was a key to open the can,I put  the key through the  thin strip of  metal,as I was trying to roll it to the end of the container, the  strip broke off. In a panic I tried to open the rest of it with my left thumb,instead of opening I cut my thumb.I am not sure what happened,it started  bleeding I put a band aid it didn’t work ,it continued to bleed.

My husband was at work ,I thought if I told him.He’d be angry.I stayed quiet.It did not help,the bleeding wouldn’t stop.Not knowing what to do,I told my husband,he looked at it and said the wound is deep .I’d have to get it stitched.Because it was metal,I was required to get a tetanus shot as well. I was afraid of getting stitches,it had to be done,my husband’s colleague stitched it. He asked my husband,why he didn’t do it,actually   I was too scared to get it done by my husband. I made the mistake second time , I let my husband stitch it. To this day the thumb my husband took care of left no scar,but there is a prominent scar on my left one. I should have known better,my husband was an eye surgeon, they do eye surgery,which is far more delicate than the thumb!

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Passing of a dear One!

The day it happened,everything seemed normal. I gave my husband his breakfast. Afterwards,he lay down to rest. I did my housework as usual.

At lunch time I asked him if he wanted to have omelette,he was pleased and answered in the affirmative. After lunch he went to lie down again.After a few minutes he said he wanted to take

Cabot Tower, Signal Hill Park, St. John's, New...

Cabot Tower, Signal Hill Park, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a bath. I told him,he was too weak,it is better to take a quick shower.I put a chair in the tub to sit. I turned on the shower to wet his body to apply soap. He felt comfortable and lay down in bed again.

I started cooking,suddenly he came to the kitchen,he said he’d go to signal hill ,it was a sunny day. He came back with flyers from the super markets. He loved checking the flyers to see what was on sale. That afternoon he put the flyers on the table and was back in bed.I wanted him to rest. I went to the living room and turned on a Hindi movie. My husband joined us,I realized it was 6:00 P.M.I served supper,he ate very little and remarked the food did not taste good.

He got up and ran to the bathroom for a wash to get ready for prayer. While he was there,I washed the dishes,when I was putting the dishes away I suddenly heard a thud.I sent Selina to check on her Dad.My husband was on the floor,Selina was crying and telling him not to go she needed him.

I called 911,they did some tests,told me they have to take him to the hospital. I was numb,did not feel anything.I went to the hospital,we were told to wait in the lounge. A few minutes later the nurse asked me about my husband’s medication. I named some and could not remember all of them. It was okay the nurse said and left. The moments we were left alone I could not think anything as if my brain suddenly stopped functioning. Then came the physician with the news,they were unable to save him!

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A map of the languages spoken in Bangladesh, i...

A map of the languages spoken in Bangladesh, in English. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Am I good at what I do? These days I spend plenty of time translating Tagore’s poems and songs into English from Bengali. Fortunately Tagore was a Bengali,which is also the language I speak,read and write.  When I started this arduous task,I wasn’t sure I’d have much success. My online course friends and some bloggers think, I am doing a decent job.If I were to take their word,I’d say,I am good at it.

Before this I taught a number of years,both in Bangladesh and Canada. I did well according to my supervisors.

What would I like to be better at is a question,I wonder if it is possible to answer.I’d give it a shot.

After I got married, my husband did all the work from paying bills to submitting income tax,and also took care of the financial part. There were many things I didn’t know was done by him.

Today I am sitting in my bedroom with the computer in front of me and trying to ask myself, “What do I want to be good at”? My husband passed away eight years ago. It is enough time for an individual to put his/her house in order. Regrettably I haven’t come close yet. I am looking at all the files piled up on my bed and thinking how can I organize these.

I can do a lot of things that are unimportant,but am totally lacking the organizational skill. Maybe some day when the stars are aligned properly,my files will stop asking me ,”What are you planning to do with us”? I am at this critical stage now and this is what I’d like to do better.