Bengali Song olir o kautha Bengali Song, Post and translation by Ranu,

The flower laughs when the bumblebee speaks,
You don’t laugh when I speak.

Spring greets Earth and touches it,
But you never come close to me.

High above, the clouds float and embrace the sky,
You don’t embrace me even in my dreams.

The moonlight brightens the dark sky,
But your light never reaches my heart.

The bird lovingly calls its partner to the nest,
But your voice is silent.

NaBloPoMo Nov. 24th Procrastination Ranu’s post

I am Procrastinating by Taking a Procrastinati...

I am Procrastinating by Taking a Procrastination Test: I scored as an Above Average Procrastinator (Photo credit: Tricia Wang 王圣捷)

I read this many times and always loved to repeat it,”Procrastination is the thief of time”.Somewhere in that line I sensed a musical tune. Someone who is over-anxious and always ready to please,a teacher,a colleague or a boss, would say you have lost your mind,how do you hear anything musical, the words clearly tell you what it means. How can you not understand it? But I do, I like the thought of leaving everything for tomorrow.

Here are some things I must do. I haven’t done yet. Everyday I tell myself I have to start writing those Christmas cards. I bought them in October,November is almost on its way out.I am still waiting for a good day. Whether that day will come or not I don’t know.

Twenty percent of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators,they leave everything till the last day. Am I in that group,I hope not?I have to mail my cards,it’s November 24th,exactly one month left for Christmas.If I fail to write them,my friends will not get them on time.I have to start today.

I am told there are three variants of procrastination.You could work on (a) nothing (b) something less important (c) something more important.At this moment getting the cards ready to mail is a priority.Reading Paulo’s latest book will have to wait another few days.It’s on my shelf for at least a year another week won’t make much difference.

It seems I am the kind of procrastinator who works on the small stuff and leaves the big stuff for later e.g leaving Paulo’s book to read later and send the cards now. If I think of mailing and the time it needs to get to its destination,it is more urgent than reading Paulo’s book.

This is when I think  it is a bad habit which needs to be fixed. I hope I can start improving my organisational skills,or else I’ll lose all my friends and Paulo’s latest will keep on collecting dust. O my it was such a chore writing all this!