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Dhaka (Photo credit: eGuide Travel)

I was going to Dhaka from Comilla . I decided to go by air instead of train. By air it takes twenty-five minutes,by train four and a half to five hours. When the plane reached the said destination,it did not land as usual,it circled around for what seemed like eternity. I was nervous,this I knew was unusual. To make matters worse there was a lady traveling for the first time,she continued asking,’how long does it take?’ I was in no mood to reply,I knew something is terribly wrong. I noticed the flight attendants moving back and forth.They were not telling us anything.

After circling around for how long,God knows, the plane made a belly landing. The pilot was trying to use up the fuel,by flying around,when it was indicated that the fuel tank was empty. He landed.

I heard the flight attendants telling each other,”Thank God They are safe”. For me that was a,”Close Call”.

English: Sunset at Elliotganj, a journey on Co...

English: Sunset at Elliotganj, a journey on Comilla’s highway at the dusk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NaBloPoMo Nov.25 ‘ Red’ Ranu’s post https://sabethville.wordpress.com

English: Bangladeshi wedding at Dhaka

English: Bangladeshi wedding at Dhaka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whenever I think of red,it reminds me of the wedding sari I wore on my wedding day .Everyone else was wearing other colors. It makes me wonder why in our culture red is the color chosen for a bride. Could it be friends and family want the bride to stand out and be noticed.I get mixed feelings about it.

We have traffic lights,red,yellow and green. Red is a warning which in other words,tells us we should stop.Yellow is for caution and green means, freedom to drive on.

Going back to red for a bride in our culture,how does it make sense to dress the bride in red. If red warns us to stop,in case of traffic lights,why is the color red suitable for a bride. In all other cases red means danger,why is it okay for a bride to wear a red sari on her wedding day. I really am puzzled!