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English: Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Rider...

English: Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Rider’s Uniforms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Six months after I got married,I received my passport,ticket and the necessary papers sent by my husband. I arrived in Montreal in August. I looked for a teaching job.I found out new teachers are hired in June. My husband was a Physician and I was unemployed. I made the most of my free time scoping around the neighborhood.

One day I went out to buy some groceries in the nearby super market, I bought the usual and came home. Our apartment was on the third floor. I climbed the stairs and noticed two tall figures standing in front of our apartment. I could not see clearly who they were,the stairway was dark. I was frightened,I gathered myself and said, “Can I help you”? Both of them took out their ID and held it up for me to see. They were RCMP (royal Canadian mounted police) officers. I was trying to think what could I possibly have done in such a short time?

I opened the door and invited them in,wondering at the same time, why are they here. They told me they want to ask me some questions. I agreed to answer, whatever I know. When was I married,my arrival date,and all sorts of personal questions. Their main concern was when did I buy the television. ‘I don’t know’ I said,’ it was bought by my husband before I came to Montreal’. Then there were questions about my husband,his date of birth and so on when they asked me about his date of birth. I said,’I don’t know’. At that point the look they gave me seemed they did not believe me. One of them said, ‘You don’t know your husband’s date of birth’? ‘No’ I repeated. One of them could not hide his feeling,he blurted out,’Strange’.

Realizing they have no clue about our culture, I told them mine was an arranged marriage, therefore I did not see him or talk to him before I got married. I am not sure what they understood,they had a piece of paper, one of them wrote something and handed to me.I was supposed to give it to my husband,when he returns.

My husband bought a TV from Platsburgh,near Montreal. When the new TV gave him trouble,he took it to the repairman to get it fixed. The repairman found out by its serial number it was bought in the States,I am guessing the rest alerted the RCMP,who in turn came to find out if the required taxes were paid. They did not harass me,asked me questions I could not answer,I wasn’t there when the TV was bought.