First Winter Storm


Snowstorm (Photo credit: vpickering)

It was the 13th of  November. I got ready to go to my typing class. I walked to the bus stop. On the way I noticed the sky was exceptionally white.  I’d never seen a sky like that,  but thought that perhaps this was the norm for that time of year.

I reached the school and went inside the building. I was happy that day. I would show my Instructor how much progress I made.  Mrs. Harrison came in an hour later. We were busy at the key board typing. As usual Mrs. Harrison had a bright smile,she was pleased to see us practicing.

Half an hour later,the custodian came to deliver the newspaper. I noticed a serious expression on Mrs. Harrison’s face.

Carly my classmate asked,”Miss what’s the News?”

“Not encouraging” she remarked, “there is a possibility of a snowstorm this afternoon”.

Susan started singing, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”.

Mrs. Harrison remarked “it’s too early to sing white Christmas I don’t want the snow to come this early,since it is making it’s way here, my question is ,”Do you have boots?”

Some did others didn’t. I didn’t have any. “Chaman she asked what about you?”

“I have to buy a pair”, I said.

Mrs. Harrison looked worried. “I hope we’d get the snow later this evening when we are safe at home.”

At 4:30 pm the classes were dismissed. Some of my classmates chose to stay back,to practice some more typing. I was ready to get out and go home. I opened the outside door and felt a gush of strong wind, I knew the snow had started. The bus stop was not too far I thought,I’d get the bus and be home in no time. I got an eerie feeling when I saw the stop was empty. Where are the people,I asked myself.

Someone walked up to me and said, “Are you waiting for the bus?”

“Yes” I replied.

“There are no buses running,the road condition is treacherous.” he pronounced,  I’ll see if I can get a cab for you.”  He added.

I was hopeful I’d get one. Soon my hopes faded, none of the cab drivers wanted to go to Victoria Avenue.

I was disappointed and scared. The only recourse left for me was to go back to school and call my husband. As soon as I was in the building, I tracked down a public phone. I called my husband,there was no answer. Meanwhile Carly and Susan came running to find out what was going on.I told them my sob story. They were very encouraging.They told me they’d find a way to get me home even if no one came to pick me up. But  it looks as though the snow might stop falling within the hour. In the meantime they suggested it would be a good idea to listen to some songs. It would be relaxing.  It started with ,Santa Claus is coming to town followed by half a dozen other songs.

Carly noticed I wasn’t totally relaxed, she came up with the idea of telling me stories  her Grandpa told her . She started with, “Grandpa told the best stories”…she continued. I heard part of it and fell back in my anxiety mode. How would I go home?

The custodian rang the bell to get our attention. “Good news he said the snow stopped and the buses are running.”

I was very happy,I thought maybe my husband would be there soon to pick me up. Each time the outside door opened,my heart skipped a beat ,it was someone else.

Then I heard a knock I turned around, there was my husband covered in snow, smiling – “How are you ?” He asked.

“Not good!” Carly yelled, “we’ve been trying to keep her calm.”

I was excited I’d be home soon. We thanked everyone especially Carly and Susan who did what they could to keep me optimistic.

When we stepped out the door I heard Carly and Susan singing:

“Sleigh bells ring,

Are you listening,

In the lanes snow is glistening,

A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight,

Walking  in the winter wonderland!”

This was all we heard as we walked to catch our bus.

DP Daily Prompt: Out Of Reach Ranu’s Post

Three Strand Pearl Necklace with Tiger's Eye

Three Strand Pearl Necklace with Tiger’s Eye (Photo credit: orangejack)

When I was in grade two I saw a three strand necklace worn by one of my classmates.It was the prettiest thing I ever saw. I wished I could have one like it. I did not mention it to my parents.I always thought one has  to be rich to have a necklace so beautiful.

I wasn’t old enough to know how much it was. I did not think of asking my parents to buy me one . Even at that age I felt,my other sisters might like one too,can my parents afford three. So I gave up the idea.

When I grew up that necklace stayed in my inner thoughts,I’d tell stories about it to my friends and family. Once my sister-in-law came to visit us from Los Angeles. I told her about it. Suddenly she said,”wait a minute Chaman,I’d be right back.” She went to her bedroom and came back with a three strand pearl necklace and said, “here this is for you.”I was very happy. Getting a three strand necklace some day did not cross my mind!