DP Daily Prompt: Unexpected Ranu’s post

I lost my niece couple of years ago. I can remember seeing her in London for the first time. She was a little girl. She was very happy to see me. I loved the way she addressed me ,she would say,”Auntie” in her British accent. I knew she loved chocolate,I always had a bar for her whenever I went for a visit.

It was a sad day for her parents and me. She went to work and suddenly collapsed  in the office,her colleagues rushed her to the hospital. The doctor performed a lot of tests. She was diagnosed with lung cancer. She was hospitalized for a while, when she felt a bit better,she was allowed to go home. She was an optimist. When she was in the hospital, she told us she will fight the disease and soon will recover.

It didn’t happen. She died leaving behind her parents,husband,children and aunts and uncles!