DP Daily Prompt: My Precious Ranu’s post

I am unable to think of anyone who can do no wrong. Yes I think one who comes close is my older daughter. She is a very considerate person. At times I feel she just does too much.

From a very young age she had the qualities of a very good and reliable person. I could always depend on her. She does not forget my birthday,anniversary.

She loves to do something nice for her friends and colleagues. She does not mind baking till the wee hours of the night for everyone she knows. She welcomes everyone with a smile.

To me she is very precious!

5 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: My Precious Ranu’s post

  1. “To think of anyone who can do no wrong” is such a wonderful idea by itself, and to me, the beauty of this post is that it “comes close” to that – and hence, also invokes the reader in a subtle way to ponder over the notion. Possibly, with the aid of of what has been written here as a wonderful example based on your first hand knowledge.

  2. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this post. I like it a lot, as it’s brief, and yet so full of weight.

    To think of someone doing no wrong is powerful.

    All good wishes,


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