DP Daily Prompt: Festivus for the Rest of Us Ranu’s post

This painting depicts the Buddha while living ...

This painting depicts the Buddha while living in the deep forest, where no people were around who could support him by offering food. The monkey then gave the Buddha some honey. Other animal also gave him various foodstuffs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If   I am named the Supreme ruler of the universe. How wonderful it is to pretend I am such a person. Well the best day to create a holiday in my honor is June 15th.

USMC battle streamers on display at the Marine...

USMC battle streamers on display at the Marines’ Memorial Hotel in San Francisco, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will announce on world TV I have picked June 15th as a universal holiday. On this day the humankind will gather in their respective countries to celebrate  the said date in my honor.

The streets,houses,shopping malls,public buildings,schools,colleges,universities will be required to fly flags of peace. Men women and children will dress up in their best clothes. Those who are unable will be provided with the finest clothes according to their choice. The streets, and all the buildings will be decorated with colorful streamers. Trees will be adorned with multicolored lights. Famous artists will be requested to paint their best art and display them on the walls of public  buildings.

Children will sing  several songs of peace and unity. They will parade the streets,dancers and singers will join them to make it a memorable day. Anyone wishing to join in will be welcome.

On that day all of humanity will have happy faces. Any kind of prejudice against caste ,color or creed will not be entertained. It will be a celebration of the universe.

The food provided will be universal. I mean every kind of food  will be there to suit everyone no one will go hungry. Here is a list of foods:  beef, chicken ,ham and pork,mutton, lamb,all kinds of fish.The preparation will be baked,boiled,broiled,fried,curried. They will be accompanied with  rice prepared in different ways. All the varieties of bread. Pasta will also be served . This will be the day food of every variety will be served.

Next is the drink : there will be water or any other beverage desired by the people.

Dessert: We all like dessert. Chefs from all the communities will be encouraged to make their best dessert such as all kinds of cakes,pies etc.

At the end of the festivities we will thank God for making our day successful.

After the celebration,the people will be provided with  luxurious suites  to have a good night’s rest and sleep!