DP Daily Prompt: The Guilt that Haunts Me

This incident happened when I was in college. One day my classmate Hasina asked me if I was interested to go see a movie. She said, ‘there’ll be four of us,’ her aunt had agreed to accompany us as a chaperone. I agreed, I knew Hasina’s aunt will accompany us. Sr. Joseph Mary will let us go.

On the afternoon of that day, Hasina told me her aunt was unable to go because something’s come up. I knew we’d have to cancel our plan. But she convinced us,it won’t matter we’d go without the aunt and Sr. Joseph Mary won’t find out. At that time I thought who’d tell her no one would know.  That’s where I was wrong.

We came back to our residence ,we were happy we went. Then the most unusual thing happened.  One of the girl’s decided to tell Sr. Joseph Mary we had gone to the movie without a chaperone. One by one we were summoned to her office.  When my turn came, she asked me, why didn’t I tell her.  I felt guilty, for a few minutes I couldn’t speak.  I was asked the second time, not really prepared, like a fool I said, ‘I was afraid you’d be angry.’  She said,’Chaman,I really am disappointed.’ I stood there until I was allowed to leave.

One of my friend’s Evelyn, was disgusted with the tattler. She told her she was a snake in the grass, she was trying her best to get us into trouble,while she was free because she told the truth. Had she told us that she feels guilty,she’d tell the teacher,we all would go with her,she went quietly and made us look bad in the eyes of the teacher.

Evelyn didn’t like her approach, so she told her off. She tattled again. This time Sr. Joseph Mary called us to assemble in a classroom and gave us a long lecture about honesty.

We were guilty of breaking the college rules  so was the tattler. She cleverly turned it around and came out smelling like a rose.