My week-end moonshine grid entry

Today I’d like to introduce my favorite poet Rabindranath Tagore. He was the first poet from India who received Nobel prize for literature.

He wrote thousands of poems and song lyrics in Bengali. It is also my mother tongue.

There is one song I dearly love. It brings back memories of my own childhood.

I want to write a few words of the song to explain how it affects me and takes me back to the time when life was simple and how we enjoyed it.

I’ll translate it :  My golden days are over.

They were happy and sad moments

but we shared them together.

I am alone now and I cannot believe

all those days of laughter are

only memories now!

I think back and feel my childhood days are just memories and I like the poet feel sad I cannot hold on to those days which gave me so much pleasure.

My three younger siblings and I went out on days when we were off . We were always curious to find new and exciting places. We lived in a house on top of a hill.  Our aim was to find what was down the hill.

Once we were lost we went down one of the hills, I remember I saw a tailor stitching something.  I didn’t know where he lived why  he was sitting on the grass sewing . We were kids we didn’t give another thought and moved on .

Down the hill near our house we saw a tunnel. We had to find out where the end of the tunnel was. We were amazed to find rows of corn,we didn’t stop and look at the cornfield only,we wanted to have some. So we helped ourselves with one each and came home. I cannot remember what my mother said about the corn we brought home. I only remember we had a lot of fun.

When I think of it now I am sad knowing, like the poet,those days are gone for good. In a way I was fortunate I was able to enjoy my childhood.

19 thoughts on “My week-end moonshine grid entry

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this post which is poignant. I feel your feelings. This post is brief, but heavy with weight.

    All good wishes,


  2. I know exactly how you feel. I remember those childhood moments with my friends and my younger brother and it’s sad to know those days have passed. But you’re also right that you were fortunate to have had such a joy-filled childhood. Thanks for sharing those memories! 🙂

  3. The poem made me think of a dear friend who just got married in Maunath Bhanjan. A young couple with their life together ahead of them. I thought of a loving couple when the end has come for one. It is a happy thought though, in a way.

    Your corn story, I was not sure if you were reciting another poem or telling a fable, it is told so beautifully.

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