DP Daily Prompt: Do you Believe in Magic?

No Evils-01061

No Evils-01061 (Photo credit: subsetsum)

I do believe sometimes we come across certain occasions which make us think this really is magic. I wouldn’t mind transforming  into a mystical being.

I’d like to have the power to cure certain incurable diseases, wipe out hunger, transform evil people and make them good.

There are a number of diseases I hear about that are incurable. I want the power to cure them. When we hear the word cancer,we immediately give up . It shouldn’t be like that.

I would love to wipe out hunger with my power. There are millions of people old ,young ,men , women and children who are starving everyday.It would be awesome if I get the power to wipe out hunger for ever.

We have a lot of people who cannot help but turn to evil ways.

I think most of the time circumstances make them evil. when someone goes without food for several days, they make wrong choices,they either steal or kill. All I can do is remove the problem of course I must have the power.

I’d welcome transforming into a mystical being.

The storm that almost blew me away

Image of Severe Tropical Cyclone Ingrid (22P) ...

Image of Severe Tropical Cyclone Ingrid (22P) on 8 March 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was an afternoon, my classmate and I had just finished classes. We came out of the classroom and saw a lot of students waiting in the verandah. I couldn’t understand why they were not going home or hostel,whichever it was. I managed to get myself out to see what was happening. To my dismay I saw the weather was looking very bad,there were howling winds,trees were uprooted. Everything outside other than the weather had come to a standstill. No one was daring to go out.

I don’t know why I told my classmate, ‘Let’s go.’

‘In this weather she screamed?’

I looked at her as if she had two heads on her shoulders, I said, ‘Yes we have no choice.’

Amidst all the noise the students were making against our decision,we stepped down the stairs,determined to walk to our residence.

We could hear cries of students,’Come back it’s a cyclone, it’s dangerous.’

We moved on thinking we’d make it. We tried to walk but the strong wind made it difficult. The clothes we wore wasn’t fit to take a chance, we were wearing a sari. It’s a kind of dress which is difficult to handle on a perfectly normal day. We were trying to fight nature, but we were learning fast,it was silly to do that.

What could we do,we were already quite a distance from the university. Going back would be just as hard. There we were inching our way to our place of residence. The wind was strong, the blowing dust made visibility difficult. We knew somehow we have to make it.

There were no vehicles moving. we couldn’t rent a rickshaw,there were none around.  Between stopping and walking we came closer to our residence.

I suddenly noticed a white car, the driver stopped and was calling us . We didn’t know who he was and continued to walk. The driver kept honking but we ignored him. He probably  realized we wouldn’t take his offer of getting a ride. There was a female passenger with him, she put her head out and waved. The female face gave us assurance it was okay to take the ride.

We stopped and went over to the parked car. The man was disgusted, he said,’You shouldn’t be out in this weather.’

One would think he was our guardian by the way he was talking. He was a good Samaritan who knew we needed help. He dropped us off at our residence.

We were thankful,had it not been for him I wouldn’t be here writing this story.

This is my entry for yeah write #142