DP Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare

I think it is possible to be too honest. My mother said ,  ‘you must never lie,unless your life is in danger.’  I try to follow it. I also think , honesty is the best policy.

Once the principal of my school asked me to find out, which teacher forgets to turn off the lights in the grade four area before she goes home for lunch.

I asked all the grade four teachers, they all said,they do not forget to turn off the lights, before they leave for lunch, the days they are on duty.

I suddenly realized I never turn off the lights before I left  for lunch whenever I was on duty. I also didn’t know this was the rule. I thought the custodian does that.

I went back and said, ‘Mr. Hancock all the teachers said they turn off the lights when they’re on duty.’

I knew I did not do it, I said, ‘Mr. Hancock I’m the only one who does not turn the lights off.’

He looked at me and said,’ No it’s not true.’

‘Yes it is,’  I said.

Mr. Hancock wasn’t upset, he could not believe I’d admit.