DP Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

After a winter blizzard, loss of power, cold house,    craving for warmth my definition of happiness has changed.

I had the most awful experience yesterday January 4th 2014.  We had a blizzard, the wind was blowing at  110 K.m/h an hour, heavy snow and to make matters worse we lost our power.

Lucky for me I had my breakfast before the power was turned off by the city. It lasted for over seven hours. The house was cold and there was danger of pipes freezing. I remember sitting in my living  room trying to read. My hands were frozen in the house. I put on my gloves,it was difficult to turn the pages.

Today the power was off again for an hour and a half.  They’re calling it a rolling blackout.  Fortunately the sun is shining,the wind has stopped blowing and there is no snow falling. This to me is Happiness. I feel like singing out loud, Happy Happy Joy Joy. We are warm today.


31 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing this. I’m very happy that warmth has returned. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In your case, it certainly served you well.

    All good wishes,


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  10. Dear Chaman,

    I am glad that things are better today!! I heard it’s going to be very cold in New York today as well. I have to admit that I love cold weather though, I prefer cold over hot haha, but of course when the heater isn’t working, it’s no fun!

    • Can you imagine sitting in the house with gloves on? This is how bad it was.
      We are not having any kind of storm.It is cold. The power company shuts off power every four hours.
      It is not a good situation.

      • Awhh really, I was hoping it would be better by now! That’s so sad to hear. I hope things will be fine soon Insha’Allah Ameen! Make sure you get some cosy blankets and make some adrak chai! That will definitely help you!

        I’m doing well, thank you. Thinking to write a post and not wait months before my next post haha. How are you doing (despite the cold weather)?

        Much love and light,

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