365 Days day 7 Helplessness

It was January 4th 2014, The sky was white,heavy snow was falling and the wind was blowing at 110 km/hour. The power went off . The temperature outdoors was ¬†32 degrees below. The house was cold. I was unable to do anything. No power meant no TV ,no food nothing. I sat in the corner of my living room wrapped a blanket around my legs to keep warm. I covered my head with a scarf, I didn’t wear a cap. I thought I’d look like a clown sitting indoors wearing all these clothes. I tried to read,but my hands were so cold , I couldn’t take them out of my heavy blanket.

I never felt so helpless as I felt that day. There was nothing I could do but sit and wait. Finally power was restored after seven and a half hours.

With no heat,no electricity there was nothing I could do but wait!


DP Daily Prompt: Roy G. Biv

What is an ideal place for me?

The sun shines brightly every day.

Where there are grassy fields

untouched by man.

Happy children in bright red suit

their faces smeared with yellow paint

playing with friends without fear.

Little girl Violet in her

indigo suit singing

and dancing for all to see.

The clear sky  above and no clouds

Is an ideal place for me.

Tell me can you find such

a place for me!