DP Weekly writing challenge: Cliffhanger Shorola AKA Bitter Melon


Her name was Shorola( innocent). It was difficult to fit her personality with her name. She did everything her own way. It cannot be counted innocent.

When she went outdoors, the kids in the neighborhood would sing, “Shorola you are a Corolla”(bitter melon).

She didn’t like the name bitter melon. It would infuriate her so much she’d start cursing.  It didn’t help,  Things were getting worse for  Shorola. She complained to her mother, it didn’t do her any good. Her mother said, “now my dear you’ve got to change your attitude, smile when you see them, play with them, be friendly, it’s not that hard”.

One day she came out of the house with a bag full of candies she thought ,  “kids like them,I’ll give them some, I’d ask them if they’d play with me.”

The kids noticed Shorola had a whole bunch of candies,they hovered around her, she asked, “Want some?”  They were surprised to see her so friendly.

One of them asked, “will you really give us some.”

“Oh yes she said, take as many as you want.”

Tom, the bully snatched the bag from her and took off. Shorola was livid she was going to teach him a lesson. She started kicking everything around her. The kids started running away and  sang , “Shorola you’re a Corolla!”

I’m not a bitter melon she  cried.


To be continued!

DP Daily Prompt: Style Icon


I am relieved to see there are more choices in this prompt. When I think about style, to me clothing, hair or eating,even communication will have to take a back seat. I really do not give much thought to these things,except communication.

What I am thinking about is my inner feeling. I am not sure it even fits the category. I’ll write it anyway.

When I see a person in front of me,immediately my sense of feeling wakes up. The expression, the way he/she communicates, facial expression, the movement, sends some kind of vibe to me. Sometimes it is negative, sometimes not.

Negative vibe immediately puts me on my guard. I am aware I need to be careful. Under this circumstance, I make it a point to avoid this person.

When I try to read a person by his/her writing, it takes me a longer time to recognize him/her.

It seems I always chose friends based on my inner feeling. I have a few friends. I’m happy because they’re genuine.

This is how I communicate with the ones I feel comfortable. I am very friendly. I do not forget to tell them I value their friendship. I try to help them if possible. I am very cordial.

I am formal with people who I meet for the first time,depending on their behavior I am serious or friendly as the case may be.

365 days of writing prompts Jan.8 Teacher’s Pet

All my teachers had a real impact on me for the better. There was one teacher who always made me feel,I am capable of doing better.He was a very good influence on me and my work.

He followed my progress through my masters degree and education degree. He’d write to me and discourage me to teach in an elementary or high school. He thought I’d be better off teaching in a college.

His feeling was I had a very low voice. The kids wouldn’t be able to hear me. I didn’t think my voice was the issue. He thought I was over qualified to teach in an elementary or high school.

When I came to North America,I applied for a teaching job in an elementary school. I was interviewed by the principal of the school. He told me I was overqualified. They needed one with an under graduate degree with some teaching experience. It was then I realized what my Prof. was trying to tell me.

I stuck to my plan. I taught kids in grade four. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I was able to know how kids that age think and feel.

Looking back I know my Prof. wanted me to teach in a college. He was a very good influence and never shied away from telling me what  was good for me. I was and still am grateful to him for helping me build my confidence.